One Problem – One Ticket

When you phone our REMOTE ASSISTANCE team as a FIRST ATTEMPT to resolve your problem, a ticket will be opened, and they will strive to resolve your issue without delay.

This will always be your first port of call as it would be the speediest way to get the problem sorted out.

Should our remote team be unable to resolve your issue remotely that same ticket will be transferred to one of our road engineers in order to get the issue resolved at your premises.

Customer Centric – easy communications

One of the most important aspects of our solutions and support offered is how we handle it.

Our staff are easy to understand, friendly, engaged, trustworthy and good at their jobs … but perhaps we didn’t fix the problem at your business?

This CAN happen.  IT support is a complex business as users, systems and the utilisation of them are constantly in a state of flux which is why we at Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support have a SEVEN DAY GUARANTEE on our work.

Our slogan is SIMPLIFYING TECHNOLOGY and we strive to achieve this in every interaction we have with you, our valued client.

After the completion of EVERY TICKET we will send you a quick survey to gauge your satisfaction with our service so that we can stay at the top of our game.

Here are the questions we ask on our survey that is sent for EVERY SINGLE ticket that is opened (and closed) on our system… we close approximately 1605 a month by the way 😉

  1. The engineer that resolved my service query was trustworthy and I felt I was in good hands.
  2. The engineer that resolved my service query was friendly and courteous.
  3. The engineer communicated well and managed my expectations.
  4. The engineer successfully resolved the query I logged the ticket for.
  5. How likely are you to recommend our services to friends and family?

Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support is very proud of the results however we are not sitting on our laurels, we want to achieve 5 out of 5!

This is our overall customer satisfaction rating for 2019.

Satisfaction Rating

As you can see, we are as much interested in HOW our staff engaged with you, as, WHAT they did and whether they were successful in satisfying your requirements.

Fixing the problem is only part of the battle.

It is essential for us that you have a good understanding of the service we gave you:

  1. What went wrong
  2. What we did to remedy the situation
  3. This in turn demonstrates to you how you received value for money i.e. no charge on your full contract, quick and efficient service.

Did we live up to our values of SIMPLIFYING TECHNOLOGY…? You decide.

Dial a Nerd has been owner-managed for over 22 years with a hands-on approach.   He still answers phones and is still insistent on excellent service above all else.

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