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Work guarantee 

Our staff are easy to understand, friendly, engaged, trustworthy and good at their jobs. That’s a given. But what if we didn’t fix your problem? IT is complex, and this can happen. This is why we have a seven-day guarantee on our work.   

Customer-centric communication 

We make sure of good service by surveying your experience for every ticket opened (and all 1605 closed per month). Here’s what we cover:  

  1. The engineer that resolved my service query was trustworthy and I felt I was in good hands.  
  2. The engineer that resolved my services query was friendly and courteous.  
  3. The engineer communicated well and managed my expectations.  
  4. The engineer successfully resolved my logged ticket query.  
  5. How likely are you to recommend our services to friends and family?  

 Here’s our 2019 overall customer satisfaction rating (we’re proud of it, but aiming for 5):

Satisfaction Rating

As you can see, we are as much interested in how our staff engage with you as what they do and whether they are successful. Fixing the problem is only part of the battle: If we don’t tell you what we did and make you comfortable about the cause and solution, how will you know if you received value for money? 

Our business has been owner-managed for more than 23 years; we’re still answering our phones and put good service over all else. 

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