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Home Wifi

So you’ve just had Fibre To The Home (FTTH) installed and were told it’s ten (or a hundred) times faster than your old connection. Yet your phone still ‘thinks’ for ages before opening up that busy website and movies still hang every now and again. Sometimes you can’t even connect at all! The reality is that if your devices were all plugged into the Fibre directly it would be a hundred times faster and work 99.9% of the time… Yet plugging everything in is inconvenient and not always possible. The convenient alternative is connecting everything wirelessly by using your home Wifi network. However wireless networks have some shortfalls you need to know about; This infographic helps you understand Wifi and how to make it work optimally so you can get the speeds you are paying for. Throughout the house and on every device.

Some things that may affect your wifi are:

  • External walls, range (distance) and reinforced concrete severely impact wireless coverage
  • The router, which is usually provided by your ISP, connects to the Internet and has basic wireless functionality which will work for many houses. With larger homes and more devices, this router/wireless combo might not be sufficient.
  • Microwaves, televisions and other electronic devices interfere with wireless signal
  • Brick walls inhibit wireless signal
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Good – Location, Location, Location

Your modem supplied by your ISP has wireless functionality, but as you saw on the reverse page, there are many forms of interference and therefore the placement of this device is very important. This entry level solution allows for a cable to be run to the most central place in your apartment or townhouse so we can move the modem to allow you to benet from centralized Wi-Fi BUT keep it plugged in to the internet. This solution will only work for small to medium size residences, as the wireless signal is still originating from a single source.

Better – Powerful and Capable Wireless – Mesh

Wireless technology has grown dramatically in recent years and the latest access points use something called mesh technology with dual radio antennas and more intelligent systems to link to each other and prioritize data. This type of solution will mean the wi functionality of your router (provided by the ISP) is replaced with a mesh device. You can then add additional mesh devices throughout the house to extend wi and also link them directly to devices like TV’s, DSTV or gaming consoles. Moving around the house and swapping between access points (automatically) is seamless.

Best – SMART Home – Fully Wired

A mesh solution can work for many larger homes but unfortunately, nothing beats a cable when transmitting data… so for this solution, you’ll need to run multiple cables throughout the property to all fixed devices and access points. This ensures the absolute fastest and most reliable connection to the Internet and is currently the only way to get the full speed fibre is able to provide. Cabling can be done neatly and invisibly in most cases and the access points used for this solution are mounted on the ceiling and spaced evenly through the house. Some new equipment, like a switch, will be required for this solution but it can be neatly installed into a lockable cabinet in a location of your choosing.