Cloud Backup

While backing up should be a matter of course for any computer user given how much important information is stored on a computer or mobile device, the reality is a bit different. Often, people simply do not get time to run backups or save their documents, photos, accounts, and so on.

And then there is always the risk of backing up a corrupted or virus-infected file that puts all the stored information at risk.

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Dial a Nerd offers Cloud Backup Nationwide with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Dial a Nerd cloud backup services offers the home business to large corporates  the best of all worlds – safe, affordable cloud backup done automatically to a secure server:

  • Initial seeding – This ensures that there are no long transfer times;
  • Automated backups – Your system will automatically update to the online system at regular intervals as determined by you;
  • Secure 256-bit AES encryption – Makes sure only you have access to the saved information via a password;
  • Local servers – This ensures quick connections and support systems to easily access your data. And of course this meets all regulatory requirements; and
  • Cross platform support – You can manage backups across many platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Give one of our specialist backup consultants a call today and discuss which configuration is perfect for your cloud backup needs. Who knows, you might just need it sooner rather than later?


Whether you are selling books or running a multinational mining conglomerate, backups should form a vital part of your business. Just think of the risks you face if your systems go down or you lose vital customer and other data?

Having on-site backups are all well and good but what happens if your servers are compromised or stolen? At Dial a Nerd we provide innovative cloud backup solutions that run automatically every day. These use the latest encryption methods to ensure it stays safe on South African servers so you can access it easily and quickly.


The home network is the heart of the family in the digital age. From photographs to your favourite songs, recipes, and even movies, people are accessing content in a different way. Unfortunately, there is always a risk of losing files due to corruption or other issues.

So why not give Dial a Nerd a call to find out how we can implement a cost-effective cloud backup solution for you to ensure your most precious digital memories stay safe in a world that is not always so.

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