Business IT Support Contract

Are you having any of these problems?

My IT guy is not there when I need him


Our Invoices are complicated


I need better service


What’s going on with my Network?


Dial a Nerd’s IT Support MSP Services has a proactive approach:

We will manage your network and standardise how each component is configured based on industry best practices.

We continuously review your computing environment and cross-reference these against ideal configurations. We then align your computing environment to industry standards without impacting on your business continuity.

A major benefit of using Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support is that your computing environment will be standardised and managed by us so you can get on and do what you do best without the IT Support headaches.

Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services response to Reactive support:

When reactive support is required, we have a service desk on standby ready to assist you.

Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services provide you with multiple ways to contact us for your convenience.

Because Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services set up all computing environments in a standardised configuration, using the same guidelines, all our engineers can be effective and efficient.

This standardisation leads to less downtime and more productivity for you.

Through securely stored blueprints our engineers can easily understand your particular environment and keep track of all your devices and configurations.

Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support GDPR Standards and POPI Compliance:

At Dial a Nerd we only use world-class technology and conform to International GDPR standards, making our support systems POPI (Protection of Personal Information) compliant and secure.

Passwords and access are encrypted and further protected with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Importantly we strive to deliver ALL these compliance requirements to our contract customers and off course we abide by them ourselves.

MSP IT Support is offered by Dial a Nerd for your SME business’s IT Support requirements.

What is Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support?

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) is an IT support company and that’s us, Dial a Nerd.

How do I get it? – It is simple 

The MSP IT Support offered by Dial a Nerd for your SME business’s IT Support requirements is available in the following way:

You give a sigh of relief! Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support has your back!

How does it work?

We use a secure Remote Monitoring and Management tool (RMM) which enables us to comprehensively and proactively support a business environment allowing us to deliver the following:

LESS DOWNTIME – greater productivity:

  • We can immediately “remote in”.
  • Your employee will receive a pop-up on their screen with a code which he/she would use to give us remote access to their computer.
  • This is quick and the most cost-effective way to resolve the ticket which you have logged.
  • The RMM offers your business the opportunity for greater productivity.


  • Proactive maintenance reduces the likelihood of unexpected IT issues.

FLAT RATE IT SUPPORT – No more nasty surprises:

  • Knowing your IT support expenses upfront and being able to budget for them accordingly adds stability to your company’s finances, no more nasty surprises!


  • We help you keep your network and devices safe and secure.

BUSINESS CONTINUITY – your info can’t easily get lost

  • We use backup and disaster recovery best-practice methodologies.

Can your business afford to take the risk without the above benefits?