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Business IT Support Contract

Dial a Nerd: Managed Services. Done right. 

Expert IT Support. Pain relief for small businesses  

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) is an IT-support company (that’s us!) that provides you with business IT support. 

How does it work? 

 We use a secure Remote Monitoring and Management tool that lets us comprehensively and proactively support your IT environment and make sure your business runs seamlessly. 

This is translated into: 

  • Less downtime – We can immediately “remote in” (with permission) to solve your IT challenges. Yes, to increased productivity and reduced business interruption. No, to complicated delays and frustration. 
  • No more firefighting – Our proactive maintenance reduces unexpected issues.  
  • Affordable – Flat-rate support means you can budget with confidence with no surprises. And since we own and standardise the IT environment, your implementation costs are significantly reduced. 
  • Infrastructure protection – We’ll keep your network and devices safe and secure. Since we own and standardise the environment, your costs are significantly reduced. 
  • Business continuity – Our best-practice backup and disaster recovery systems will have you back up and running fast in no time. No problem.  

Proactive and standardised 

We take a proactive approach to managing your network. First, we review your computing environment and cross-reference it against ideal configurations, then we adjust and align your environment to industry standards, without interrupting your systems or business. All our work is based on industry best practices.   

Compliant and secure 

Dial a Nerd takes security and compliance seriously – yours and ours. Our world-class systems conform to international GDPR standards, making our support systems POPIA-compliant and secure. Passwords and access are encrypted and further protected with multi-factor authentication.  

Dial a Nerd service desk – expert support on call   

  • When you need reactive support, our service desk is on standby ready with expert help. You’ll have multiple ways to contact us, from anywhere, 24/7.   
  • Our customers’ computing environments are configured using the same guidelines, so no matter which engineer is assigned to your ticket, they’ll have a very good understanding of how to resolve the issue.  
  • Securely-stored blueprints of your environment mean that our engineers understand your system and easily keep track of all your devices and configurations.  

How do I get it? It’s simple …   

Here’s how to access our managed services:  

  • We then come and assess your requirements and existing setup. 
  • We give you our recommendations 
  • You sign an agreement with us, and then … 

… you breathe a sigh of relief. You run your business, we take care of the IT. 

Are you having any of these problems?

My IT guy is not there when I need him


Our Invoices are complicated


I need better service


What’s going on with my Network?