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Defending your domain against phishing and spoofing attacks is made easy an automated process.

Using global standards, along with our tools that enable you to easily understand who is sending email from your domain, where the threats lie, and the steps needed to authorise senders.

Following a well-defined process to take our client’s domain
to full protection while mitigating the risk of false-positives and allowing legitimate email services to operate without interruption.

Benefits of Mail Security:

  • Visibility – Gain full visibility of all servers, both legitimate and
    illegitimate, that are sending email from your domain.
  • Security – Ensure no attackers can send email impersonation /
    spoofing attacks from your domain.
  • Compliance – Ensuring employees can only send their emails via
    group approved email servers. This ensures correct
    record management of all email communication.
  • Delivery – Improve your email delivery, making sure it arrives in
    the intended inbox and not the spam bucket.

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Our solution is built on the globally recognised email authentication standard, DMARC, that is supported by the vast majority of leading email providers across the world.

There are five core phases to achieving and maintaining full protection on your domain. Each phase has a set of implementation steps with clearly defined outcomes.

Each phase is designed to safely configure your sending infrastructure to send fully authenticated email while minimising the risk of legitimate email becoming blocked.

With your domain authenticated, deliverability of your transactional and marketing emails will see a significant increase.


Use our widget to test your domains DMARC score. Simply type your email address and click the ANALYSE button. Your score will then  be displayed.