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Introducing CloudGate Mini PCs

A new era of Desktop Computing.

CloudGate was launched in 2010 and is a proudly South African initiative which is focused on developing and distributing micro computing devices, such as the CloudGate X. Designed to meet the need of users in all types of environments, from the home to education to enterprise, these mini PCs enable sophisticated computing at a fraction of the cost and use as much power as an energy-saving light bulb. CloudGate offers a powerful replacement solution for most desktop computers and has extensive local support.

Dial a Nerd offers the CloudGate Mini PC to homes and businesses in South Africa.

With CloudGate X you get…

  • Runs all Microsoft software
  • Access Internet, email and social media
  • Utilize Business-critical apps like Pastel, SalesForce and Dynamics CRM
  • Noiseless (it has no moving parts)
  • Wall or screen mountable
What is it?

  • CloudGate X is a mini-computer, capable of running Linux, Windows 10 and the Chromium operating system. With an Intel Quad-Core Apollo Lake CPU and a solid-state hard drive. CloudGate X is a powerful replacement for most desktop computers at a fraction of the cost. Plug in a screen, keyboard & mouse and you have a powerful mini PC for business or education.
Energy efficiency means low running costs

  • The CloudGate X weighs just 230g and draws less than 24W of power. That’s less than 10% of a typical desktop computer, so the CloudGate Xs costs very little to run.

Want to learn more about how Dial a Nerd can make CloudGate technology work for your company? Contact us today.  We would love to discuss the possibilities with you.


For business customers, CloudGate X is the perfect mini PC replacement for outdated and expensive desktop PCs.

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