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UPS for Internet and WiFi connections

The ultimate solution for uninterrupted power during load shedding, providing reliable backup power up to stage 8.

Nerdpower offers a durable and reliable Backup Power and UPS solution to keep your internet and WiFi connection up and running. Our intelligent charging and low battery protection ensure uninterrupted power supply, even when Eskom fails. The NerdPower box is designed to keep you online during load shedding, with guaranteed* uptime. Trust our UPS systems to provide long-lasting power for your devices.

Experience a longer-lasting and more reliable power source with a lithium battery, you’ll benefit from improved uptime, extended lifespan, and increased efficiency, making it the perfect choice for those who rely on their NerdPower battery for an uninterrupted power supply.


Get your UPS for WiFi for just R1699 including VAT***

Get our UPS for your WiFi router today!

  • Compatible with most 12V routers and fibre CPE’s. 5V or 9V available on request.
  • Power Supply Unit including battery
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overload protected
  • LED light indicator
  • 12-month warranty on power supply unit
  • Guaranteed battery uptime for load shedding. T&C Apply

*Power Solutions Only Guaranteed up to Stage 8 Load Shedding

**Uptime varies depending on the connected devices

***excluding voltage adapters

Model Basic
Battery 76 800 mWh. 12V, 6Ah, Lithium Iron Phosphate battery
Input voltage range 110V – 240VAC
Input frequency range 50Hz
Output no load voltage <14VDC
Battery charger output 13.8V +-3%
Output Current 3.2A at 12V
Dimensions (W x L x H) mm 200 x 180 x 80
Leads and Connectors 2X 1m leads 12v
2X Fitted 5.5X2.1mm DC connector
1X 5.5X2.1 to 5.5X2.5 adapter
1X 5.5X2.1 to 1.3mm adapter
1X12V to 9V Step Down
1X12V to 5V Step Down
Connected Devices Wifi Router & Fibre CPE/ONT
Low Battery Switch @ 10v Yes
Safety Certifications Yes
Uptime Stage 8 Loadshedding

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices needs to be powered to maintain internet connectivity?

If you have a fibre connection at home, you will need backup power on both your CPE/ONT (The device where your fibre terminates to) and your internet router (device connected to your CPE/ONT by a network cable). For LTE routers, only the LTE router itself needs power.

Is the Nerdpower compatible with all routers and CPE /ONT’s?

The Nerdpower device is compatible with most routers and CPE/ONT’s. The only limitation is your device’s operating voltage and power connector. Nerdpower can supply power to all 12V, 9V and 5V routers and CPE. The device is not compatible with USB-C power connectors but has 2 x DC connectors in varying sizes.

How do I check the voltage of my devices?

Your device’s voltage requirements will be displayed at the back of or under your device, or alternatively on the power supply.

What do I do with the power supplies of my devices once disconnected?

The original power supplies are replaced by the Nerdpower devices and are not needed. You can store them for future use.

Do I need a Nerdpower device for each my router and CPE?

If your Router and CPE are situated within 1 meter of each other, one Nerdpower device will be able to supply power to both your Router and CPE/ONT. If they are not positioned close to each other, you will need a Nerdpower unit for each device.

Do I need to leave the unit connected my router and CPE /ONT permanently?

The unit needs to be plug into the power, switched on and connected to your router and CPE/ONT permanently. The device will switch over to backup power when needed without interrupting your internet connection. The device needs to be plugged into a power source permanently to allow for recharging.

Does this unit work with Microwave/ Wireless Dish internet connections?

Most Microwave / Wireless Dish internet connections require a higher voltage power supply to keep the dish operational. For this reason, most Microwave / Wireless Dish internet solutions will not be compatible with the Nerdpower device.

Does this unit work with LTE Routers?

The NerdPower device is compatible with most LTE routers subject to the above mention voltage and connector requirements. It is important to note that in some cases during load shedding the cellphone towers might lose power, and although your device is powered up by the Nerdpower unit, there will not be signal to your router.

Does the device keep my wifi up?

Nerdpower will keep the built-in wifi of your router operational, but if you have various wireless access points distributed around your property, the extended wireless devices will not be operational. In these cases, wifi coverage will be limited to the area within the main routers wifi coverage.

How long will the NerdPower keep my internet up for?

In ideal situations, the Nerdpower unit will keep your router and CPE/ONT operational for up to 5 hours, but this is dependant on the frequency and duration of the power outages. The device needs sufficient time to recharge after an extended power outage.

Can I connect any other devices like cellphone chargers into the Nerdpower for backup power?

The device is designed to keep routers and CPE/ONT operational, and it is strongly recommended that no other devices are connected to the unit, as this will impact the “Up Time” of the unit. The more devices are connected, the quicker the battery will deplete.