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Dial a Nerd has been offering telephonic and remote support since its inception in 1998. We offer immediate assistance for any IT issue you may have. You just need a working internet connection and to be okay with our technicians logging onto your system with your approval 

What issues can be handled remotely 

  • Email and Outlook issues 
  • Virus and Security issues 
  • Software issues 
  • Slow PCs and laptops 
  • Connectivity Speed Tests 
  • General Desktop Support 
  • Computer diagnosis and clean up 
  • Server Diagnostics and Fixing 
  • Firewall issues 
  • VPN setups 
  • Upgrades of software and operating systems 
  • A host of IT issues 

How long will it take?  

Depending on the IT issue you are having, the amount of time it can take to fix can vary. Most IT issues we encounter take no more than 1 hour, but some extremely complicated issues tend to take longer. But don’t worry – you don’t have to sit with us if your issue is taking longer to fix, whilst we remote on you can sit back, have a cuppa coffee and trust that your IT problem will be sorted.  

When can I call?  

We are open from 8 – 5 pm, Monday – Saturday to help with any IT problems you are facing.  

How does it work?  

  1. Call us on 086 146 3737 
  2. Press 2 for Technical Support 
  3. If you are already a client of Dial a Nerd, give the technician your account number or email address associated.  
  4. If you aren’t – don’t worry, the technician will take you through our account creation process.  
  5. We use our remote desktop software to log onto your PC. The technician will help you get there. Alternatively, go to to login.  

We solve hundreds of IT problems remotely every day. We Simplify Technology for you