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Onsite IT Placements

Dial a Nerd offers a managed service which provides you with a skilled and dedicated onsite IT department (placed IT Support). You get the advantages of having an outsourced partner and having dedicated onsite support staff that are focused and dedicated only to your support requirements. With the economy in an uncertain state and technology changing faster than ever, an outsourced model gives you flexibility and expertise in your organisation, backed by a technology-focused organisation.

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How we partner with you

As this is a dedicated service, we can integrate into your organisation in a way which best suits your business needs. We can complement your existing service desk by adding placed IT Support to your IT team, or we can take over your entire Service Desk function and report to the assigned primary IT contact. The IT contact can be an IT Manager, Director or any Senior Manager in the business. This frees up your senior staff members to focus on more important high-level tasks, such as business strategy. Should you already have great IT staff but would like to benefit from an outsourced model we can incorporate these staff members into our team. As we are an IT company, this often opens up career opportunities for these employees who may have reached a ceiling in an IT department with limited opportunities.

Proactive Outsourced IT Support With Dial a Nerd Gives You:

  1. The Dial a Nerd ticketing system. This is a crucial part of our services as it enables us to monitor and manage our teams’ performance onsite. It enables us to provide you with valuable insights into your IT environment.

  2. Dial a Nerd monitoring and technical support tools. This empowers our Engineers, makes them more efficient at their jobs and allows them to be proactive in supporting your environment.

  3. A monthly meeting and 360-degree reporting. We want to create long term partnerships. Understanding your business needs and plans will ensure we provide you with future-proofed solutions. We want to provide you with insight into the IT environment, and we want to be accountable and transparent when we get it wrong. Our 360-degree reporting gives you the information on your environment at a level that suits you.

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Key Benefits of Onsite Outsourced IT Support

Customised and dedicated support teams who understand your business while still being backed by an extensive network of talented engineers and Dial a Nerd partners with various skills and strengths.
Well-developed ticketing system to track and manage incoming support requests as well as agent performance.
Regular cybersecurity scans to proactively identify potential risks and advice on securing the environment.
In-person, regular monthly meetings with our Customer Service Manager who understands your business requirements and can bridge the gap between business and technology.
Proactive support. All dedicated staff are given access to secure monitoring tools which alert them to possible issues and ensure regular maintenance is carried out before it affects productivity.
Proactive monitoring and patch management to ensure your IT environment is reliable, safe and secure.
Dedicated support staff onsite, can pick up on and identify issues that remote support teams are often unable to see.
National partner support network. Dial a Nerd engineers have access to technical tools to easily and efficiently support remote users. We can also include our national support network in your contract, which allows us to deploy engineers out to any major town or city in South Africa.
Don’t be reliant on a single technical resource. Dial a Nerd maintains detailed documentation and cross-training on your environment to ensure we can support you no matter what happens to the resource/s assigned to your account.
Transparency and accountability. Dial a Nerd believes in building long term partnerships with you based on trust. We report on our wins and fails. Our 360-degree reporting is customised to your IT Environment.
An empowered Service Desk. Dial a Nerd’s technical staff have direct access to advanced priority support structures both in Dial a Nerd and our partners.
Engineers placed onsite are a part of a much larger support organisation where knowledge and skills are shared between engineers.
Flexibility. We closely work with our engineers to ensure they are always challenged and a good fit for the environment. Occasionally it becomes necessary to rotate out resources to keep them challenged. A challenged engineer is a happy Engineer.
Technical resources are kept up to date on new technologies by Dial a Nerd. Dial a Nerd Engineers are sent regularly on training on new products and systems. While not the industry norm, Dial a Nerd works hard to ensure we have a strong culture of skills and knowledge sharing through practical on the job training.
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Dial a Nerd approach

  1. Conduct survey with employees
  2. Develop risk profile per agreed category
  3. Create and agree model, targets and plan per category
  4. Implement end-user support and education plan per category
  5. Manage, resolve and track logged tickets
  6. Report and measure against targets and plans

Can you afford to…?

The question should be “Can you afford not to…?”

For the price of as little as a coffee a day per employee you can keep your business up and running, staying productive 24/7.

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