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Monthly service reports 

Our customers get monthly, easy-to-read service reports. We report on what we’re repairing in their environments and risks we may need to address. This way, we work together to remove inefficiencies and drive a high-functioning, resilient business environment.   

Here’s an example of what our service reports offer:  

Customer portal 24/7 

Our customer portal lists all tickets, invoices, projects and even the contract itself. No more digging out invoices and old job cards to get updates, contact information, or work out what’s going on. It’s all there, visible and accessible at any time.   

Firewall reporting 

Intrusions, threats and incidents can be seen at a glance with a summary of attempts to breach your firewall and full visibility over how effective your firewall is. 

Web usage report  

This report tells you how your bandwidth is being used inside your business, so you can make that it’s line with your business expectations.  

Bandwidth report 

Want to know how your bandwidth is performing? This report gives you the average performance over a selected period. 


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