Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support will provide you with a detailed monthly service report.  This is one of the ways we keep you in the loop!

We report on what it is that we are DOING to earn our keep in your environment in an easy to understand way that allows you to better understand the IT risks in your business and what you need to address in this regard.

Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support Reporting is transparent and helps enormously by keeping communications channels open and real.

Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support and you are a team; we work together to remove inefficient and insecure systems from your computing environment resulting in a more functional and stable business environment.

Instead of pursuing you with an aggressive sales strategy, we work with you to mitigate risk and drive efficiency.

Below are some examples of what our reports would offer you.


We understand that as a business owner you may be burning the midnight oil and not sticking to the 9-5 hours.  When you want info, you want it now!  We get it.

Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support has your back!

In addition to monthly reports, our customers have access to a customer portal which lists all tickets, invoices, projects and even the contract itself.

No longer do you need to ask your administrators to dig out an invoice or a job card from something done weeks prior or bother your finance person to find the contract or mail us to get an update on a current project… it’s all there, and visible at any time at your fingertips.


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