Simplified Accounting

  • Do you know exactly what and why you are paying for with your current service provider?
  • Is it a month end, nightmarish marathon, you must go through every month to decipher their maize of nonsensical paperwork?
  • Do you have to spend hours auditing and trying to make sense of their billing?
  • Do you find it cumbersome keeping track of IT Tickets logged?

Well, at Dial a Nerd we are into productivity.  We keep it simple, logical and easy for you to manage.

Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support has your back!

Our existing clients love our invoicing system because our ticketing and invoicing systems are integrated so it’s easy for you to cross reference and completely transparent.  Through our customer portal you have the information at your fingertips 24/7.

Customers are not left wondering about charges.

Our invoices offer the following detailed information:

  • TAX Invoice
  • The date the ticket was logged
  • The ticket numbers
  • The reason/issue for the ticket
  • Every ticket is identified regardless of whether it was billed or not.
    1. e. if you have an unlimited support contract, monitoring or proactive support services (as most contracts do) then it’s critical to identify a ticket/job on your invoice so you can understand what work was done (even if it didn’t generate cost).
  • Who helped your business (from Dial a Nerd)?
  • Who our staff member dealt with at your office?
  • How long our engineer worked to resolve your problem

Nope, we don’t do scribbled pieces of paper with reams of invoice numbers and questionable figures! See an example of our invoice below.

itemised invoicing
itemised invoicing

If the problem/job started over the telephone and with remote assistance, and we were unable to resolve it, then the SAME ticket gets transferred to a road engineer to resolve. This ensures that our FIRST ATTEMPT at resolution is always the fastest (being telephonic and remote) and only when unsuccessful do we send a technician.

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