The most common reason we sign up new business just like yours is because of the unreliability of their current IT support person or company.

Is that how you feel?

  1. “takes longer to respond than before…” (2-day delays on support)
  2. “Emigrated or moved”
  3. “Got larger customers, no longer cares”
  4. “Got a job, stopped running his own business”
  5. “They are a one-man band”
  6. “They over promise and under deliver”

Regardless of the reason, entering a contract with Dial a Nerd’s MSP Services IT Support will ensure you have a reliable, proactive and contractually mandated expert support system in place and that is the smart thing to do.

Our service will save you a mountain of frustration and allow you to focus on whatever it is your business does best.

We can easily address these issues because we have the expertise and manpower to help you.

Our helpdesk boasts with the following statistics:

  • On average in 2019 we answered the phone within 7 Seconds. This is an average taken from the +-25,000 calls we received that year…
  • We solved ticket queries (on average) in 36 minutes. The most common of which, are listed below:

Service Request Types Graph

  • We close about 80 tickets per day consistently.

In addition to the above, we have 15 engineers on the road and they solve about 584 tickets a month within customer environments ranging from home offices to a server rooms in a warehouse.

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