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Here is why Fibre is good for your business

By 27th November 2015October 18th, 2016No Comments
here is why fibre is good for your business

Still not sure on whether Fibre is a feasible option for your business? Here is an Infographic to show you why you should definitely consider it!

Our partner in connectivity, Turrito has links primarily in metropolitan areas around South Africa. Fibre links are managed end-to-end and are highly scalable to meet our clients’ immediate and future requirements.

The benefit of using the fibre is that it can also be used by small and large companies to connect branch offices to their internal network. In addition it also supports high bandwidths with fine granularity, while it can be easily connected to the customer network due to the prevalent use of Ethernet in corporations. Turrito’s fibre network uses the multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology and supplies point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or virtual local area network (LAN) services between customer branches.


  • Reliability: Fibre will give you the highest possible reliability. Dedicated fibre from Turrito provides a guaranteed uninterrupted business connection.
  • High speed: Turrito fibre provides high-speed options, ranging from 2MB/s to 1GB/s. Clients will be able to run applications seamlessly that require high-speed connections.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Turrito fibre enables customers to increase bandwidth dynamically without requiring them to purchase or install new equipment.
  • Redundancy and failover for high availability: Redundancy options such as multiple entry points into a client’s premises as well as node redundancy can be facilitated to ensure that if one aspect of network service goes down you will still have uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Managed service: The entire fibre infrastructure, and the associated business services and applications, are fully managed and proactively monitored.
  • Hassle-free additional services: Once clients have access to Turrito fibre, any additional value-add service such as storage area networks and virtual private networks can be easily enabled.
  • Guaranteed quality of service with managed SLAs: All fibre services receive guaranteed service quality, which is backed up by stringent SLAs. be easily enabled.

Here is an awesome video that explains why SME’s need to consider Fibre as their IT solution:

Want Fibre but don’t know where to start? Contact us today!

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