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Clever Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

By 21st October 2015October 18th, 2016No Comments
clever twitter keyboard shortcuts

With these shortcuts, you’ll be able to save even more time on the Twitter website.

twitter_tableB = Block User

If you aren’t happy with a user’s behaviour, don’t like what they have to say and don’t want to interact with them, pressing ‘b’, will block them

F = Favourite

If you just love a tweet and want to keep it forever, pressing ‘f’, will do this for you. This only works if you have opened up a new page for the Tweet. It won’t work just on your homepage

J = Next Tweet

To move on to the next Tweet in a list, simply pressing ‘j’ will take you down to the next one and create a blue box around the Tweet

K = Previous Tweet

To go back to a previous tweet, press ‘k’

L = Close Open Tweets

To close any tweets that are open, press ‘l’

M = New Direct Message

If you want to send a DM (direct message), press ‘m’ and a new direct message box will appear on your screen. You can then type in the recipient’s Twitter handle and send your message

N = New Tweet

Wherever you are on the Twitter site, pressing ‘n’ on your keyboard will immediately pull up a ‘What’s happening?’ box for you to type your Tweet into

R = Reply

The ‘r’ shortcut is reserved for replying to a Tweet. Make sure you have the Tweet open separately before you do this. If you press it whilst on the homepage, nothing will happen

T = Retweet

You need to have the Tweet fully open to do this. Once you have it up, just press ‘t’ and it will ask you if you want to retweet it to your followers

U = Unblock User

If you’ve forgiven the person you’ve blocked, or have blocked them by mistake – find the user and click ‘u’ to unblock them

GA = Activity Page

Clicking ‘g a’ will take you to the activity page

GC = Connect Page

When you want to get to your list of interactions, just press ‘g c’ on the keyboard

GD = Discover Page

To go to the discover page, type ‘g d’ on the keyboard

GF = Favourites

To bring up all of your favourites, press “g f”

GH = Home

If you want to return straight to the home page, you don’t have to scroll the cursor up to the home icon on the left. You can just press ‘g h’ on your keyboard and it will take you straight to your home Twitter feed

GL = Lists

For lists, type in ‘g l’

GM = Messages

If you need to access your inbox, press ‘g m’ on your keyboard and it will take you right there

GP = Profile

Pressing “g p” will take you back to your profile

GR = Mentions

To bring up any tweets that mention you, type “g r” on the keyboard

GS = Settings

For settings, type “g s”

GU = Go to a Profile

“g u” will take you to a profile that you’re looking for

Space = Page Down

To page down press the space bar

Forward Slash (/) = Search

To search Twitter press ‘/’

Full Stop (.) = Load New Tweets

If you have an old browser, or your Tweets are taking a while to load, pressing ‘.’ will bring up the next set of Tweets for you, and take you to the top of your page

Question Mark (?) = Load Shortcut Menu

When in doubt of all these shortcuts, just typing in a question mark will bring up Twitter’s hidden menu of all the keyboard shortcuts available

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