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Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most secure cloud solutions in the world. However, attackers are always on the lookout to exploit any opportunity they might find. You need the ultimate in protection for your ultimate cloud solution – you need Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Office 365.

Why it matters

Any threat can have a disrupting, and possibly crippling effect, on your business. Keeping your data, intellectual property, and users safe from email phishing attacks and zero-day malware is the best way to ensure your business continues uninterrupted. Your data is your business. Keep it safe with ATP for Office 365.

How it works

ATP for Office 365 uses the most sophisticated and up-to-date filters and antivirus engines to protect your business against the latest threats.

  1. Exchange Online Protection applies multiple filters and antivirus engines.
  2. Dynamic delivery eliminates latency by delivering other message contents while attachments are analysed.
  3. Safe Attachments detonates suspicious attachments in a secure sandbox environment. Unsafe attachments are removed.
  4. Safe Links rewrites suspicious links for testing at the time of click.
  5. ATP intelligence cycles back to improve malware detection in Exchange.
  6. ATP rich reporting and tracking features provide actionable intelligence on the threats you face: types, targets, and actions taken.

Implement today

Every moment you don’t implement your ATP for Office 365 is another moment that you expose your business to potentially crippling malware and phishing attempts.

To get the right ATP for Office 365 solution for your business, email or fill in the form below:

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