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4 Great Web-apps to Manage Time and Attendance

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If you’re running your own business or have staff that you manage, time and attendance tracking can be tedious, especially if you are paying by the hour for certain employees. Time and attendance managing software is suitable for all businesses, no matter the size.  It provides personnel management with diverse tools which help in minimizing waste and maximizing cash flow.

We have put together a list of web apps that help with this particular aspect of business.


Emplotime is a web-based time clock system in which time and attendance of employees is calculated through a virtual clock. It doesn’t require any installation. It provides an administrator portal from where the administrator can authorize devices such as PCs, tablets, or mobiles to be used as the company time clock.

Watch the video below to find out more


ClockVIEW is a solution that automates employee attendance and time for companies with over 50 employees. It has attendance and time tracking with access to historical and current information. ClockVIEW’s time slips, time cards, time clocks, and time sheets are features which have simple entry methods for recording time.


Clockspot is a cloud-based attendance and time system which allows employees to punch in and out through their phone by calling a toll-free number or using an online clock. The system then tracks caller ID and IP addresses to know exactly where employees are clocking in from. Employers can log into the system from any browser to review an employee’s timesheet and make any necessary changes if required.


APS is a cloud-based solution. It helps to integrate many processes which are automated so that HR professionals and managers can focus on other tasks that add value to the organization. It has multiple options for tracking time, which include online time capture, mobile clock-ins, and biometric verification.

The dashboard provides alerts for an instant view of time-off requests, missed punches, and employees who are in or nearing overtime. It has various tracking options which can be customized to fit the needs of the organization. The capturing of real-time data helps to provide more comprehensive and accurate performance appraisal evaluations.

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