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Top gadgets that changed our lives

By 11th January 20185 Comments

We can’t deny that we are now in the digital age. We may not be in the futuristic version of the future depicted by many films such as Back 2 the Future, but we are in a technology-driven world. And with technology comes gadgets, lots of them. In order for this list to make sense we need to consider what makes something a “gadget”:

  1. Must make tasks easier or provide us with information
  2. Must be efficient
  3. Must be faster than the alternative
  4. Must be compact or easy to move
  5. Needs to look cool

Watches were digitalized, then along came the internet, then radio and TV were given the digital treatment – so below is a list of the top gadgets that can truly claim to have changed our lives or the way we interact with our environment and other people.

The Gameboy

The Gameboy paved the way for the 3DS and PS Vitas of today and made school bus journeys and rainy lunchtimes a pleasant experience after all. Nothing like it had really been seen before, and although the graphics were shady, it was the first step of a revolution in mobile game-play.

The iPod

Remember the world’s shock when Steve Jobs claimed you can carry thousands of songs in the palm of your hand? Apple truly re-invented how we listen to and access music with a convenient digital music player.


Perhaps not an individual gadget on its own, the birth of the webcam certainly altered how we communicate with loved ones that are a bit too far away. Very few laptops are now made without a built-in webcam, and the cameras on phones are utilized to allow video calling.


Garmin’s and TomTom’s have made road maps almost redundant. Gone are the days of having to decipher a map and most smartphones have a map app built in.

The iPad

The iPad is probably the gadget on this list that we never knew we needed. It’s on its way to replacing textbooks in education and with the number of useful apps you can install on it, it is the go-to entertainment device for some.


Bluetooth is not technically a gadget, but many come with it. It’s another technology that surprised us. We didn’t realise how much it would affect our lives. From sharing files on our cell phones to playing our best tunes wirelessly.

Digital Camera

Whilst some photographers still prefer film camera’s, digital cameras made it possible for almost everyone to afford the hobby of photography. Now we sit in a world where we take pictures with our smartphones and can share them instantly.

Satellite TV

The introduction of services such as DSTv changed the way we experienced television forever. This then lead to the Netflix revolution and I think most people don’t know what they would do without on-demand TV services.


Whilst you’ve been reading this we’re sure you’ve been thinking; my smartphone can do most of this. Smartphones have absolutely defined the way a lot of us live. You can play games, read books, take great pictures, “throw” videos onto your tv, get directions, video call and even edit documents on them. The smartphone is the top gadget that’s changed our lives.

This article was inspired by the original on Listverse.

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