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This device helps you have a healthier energy consumption

By 25th July 2018One Comment

Ever received your electricity bill at the end of the month and been rather shocked by the amount on there? Maybe if you were tracking your consumption through the month you wouldn’t of accidentally used that much energy. Yes, keeping the electric blanket on all night (even on low) does use a lot of electricity. Glow is a simple device that keeps track of your consumption and helps you actually plan your usage and save the environment.

Think of it as a traffic light for electricity consumption. All you need to do is put it somewhere where you can easily see it and let its light show you if you are being energy conscious (green), using more than necessary (orange) or just simply wasting (red). Glow bases its colours on what you tell it. You need to let the device know what you’d like to spend on electricity for the month and the green light lets you know that you are right on track. If there is a spike in usage that goes on for longer than it expects it will let you know. It might mean that you did, accidentally, leave that electric blanket on.

If you want more detail than just colours, Glow connects to your smartphone to keep you (literally) connected to you energy usage. Need a prediction of your electricity bill? Glow has that. Need to know when you use the most electricity? Glow has that. Want to see if the kids are just watching TV with all the lights on while you are work? Glow.

The best part is that you don’t even need to be an expert in engineering to set it up. You won’t even have to connect it to your meter. You just need to setup the system above your meter box. It measures your usage from the electromagnetic energy flowing through the meter. The device itself is super energy efficient using less energy than a single LED lightbulb. Find out ore in the video below.

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