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Tech Tools for Teachers in 2017

By 9th January 2017September 28th, 2021One Comment

When Education and Technology come together, the possibilities are endless. Students become more engaged and teachers can create engaging lessons. New tech tools are released every year and some tech starts getting noticed. Here are our picks for some of the tech tools for teachers in 2017.


Teachers can use Sway to create beautiful, interactive presentations. Students can also create quick presentations to demonstrate their knowledge. Sway can be accessed on multiple devices and its drag and drop function makes creating beautiful presentations happen in minutes. You can share and collaborate on Sway which is great for team projects.


Although Tech is changing the education landscape, it is difficult to give access to all students. A lot of applications require the teachers and their pupils to have access via a device. With Plickers, students have cardboard plickers that the teacher scans. These can be used for a variety of tasks such as polls, to see who understands the material and a variety of other tasks.


Marking paper consumes a lot of a teacher’s time. With ZipGrade teachers can create and print our assignments, they then can mark the paper just by scanning it with their smartphone. It works only for multiple choice questions, but it sure is better than memorizing the answers just so you can mark.


It can be difficult to think of topics for your students to write about and get them to enjoy writing. WriteAbout allows students to choose their topics based on creative writing, storytelling, opinion and much more. Students can give feedback to one another and publish their work. Teachers can mentor students through the process as well.


Augmented Reality is becoming an increasingly valuable tool in classrooms. Imagine learning about the solar system, human body or even maths in augmented reality. Aurasma connects the themes of your subject or lesson to fun and engaging content that enriches the learning experience.


Unfortunately, plagiarism is an issue in education. In addition to this, the younger generation seems to have a problem distinguishing between what is original or not. Teachers can use PlagScan to see if a student’s work is, in fact, their original work.


Yammer is a great tool for collaborating with colleagues and is more of an internal social network. With Yammer, teachers can talk to each other, make suggestions, share photos and even create polls. It is a brilliant platform to get teachers to work together and share ideas.


Versal is a free tool for teachers that can be used to create courses for students. You can create a course that includes videos, timelines, 3D models and much more. You can even use your own content in the course or import from anywhere on the internet.


Formative is the closest we have ever been to real time results in the classroom. It enables teachers to send out assessments to students on web-enabled devices and see the answers as they come in, allowing them to give feedback automatically. The answers also do not need to be simple, students can draw pictures, show their working out and much more.


A Kahoot is a collection of questions on specific topics. Created by teachers, students, business people and social users, they are asked in real-time, to an unlimited number of “players”, creating a social, fun and game-like learning environment.

With tech in schools growing and enabling better learning experience, it is of utmost importance for your school to be technologically adept and connected. Contact Dial a Nerd for all your school IT needs.

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