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Tech Gifts for Christmas

By 7th December 2015November 11th, 2021No Comments
tech gifts for christmas

Big Sellers

Thinking of spoiling someone special? Here are some of our favourite tech gifts for any kind of human.


The CloudGate is a tiny box that plugs into your screen, keyboard, and mouse and does everything the traditional PC box can do.  It’s small so physical space is saved, it’s got no moving parts so maintenance is lower and life is longer, it uses a fraction of the power and best of all its cheaper to buy than your regular PC!

It’s a great gift for the avid mobile gamer in the family, now Clash of Clans can be played on a bigger screen! Also, the guy that never grew up in the family? The Android CloudGate allows you to play old school retro games on it.

The Android Media Player allows you to stream content from Google Play, YouTube and Chrome to your TV. It’s also perfect for ShowMax. Perfect for the guy that hogs the WiFi to stream YouTube.

Pretty Pennies needed:

Android R 1 999

Windows R 2 962,86

Android Media Player R 1 199,00

We happen to be a supplier of CloudGate so If you want one, Contact Us today.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Drones are cool, we know that. Despite the controversy around them they can do a lot of good, and are fun! The Phantom is easy to fly, takes beautiful images and videos and can fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 16 999

Apple Watch

Apple watch is the buzz word in the wearable tech world. It incorporates fitness and lifestyle into one nifty strap. This is a great gift for an Apple lover or your Hipster cousin. Just make sure they have an iPhone as it requires on its functionality to operate properly. It’s also really customizable so you can show off your personality.

It has a built-in heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. It even connects to the Wi-Fi! Oh, and it’s water-resistant for those rainy days and has up to 18 hours of battery life.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 5 899

Buy Now

Gear VR

Speaking of wearable tech, Samsung’s Gear VR headset is an awesome gift for the techie of the family. It is compatible with the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 and all its variations. Gear VR uses the processing power and Super AMOLED displays of compatible devices to create a virtual reality experience.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 1 999

Get it at a Samsung Experience Store near you!

Go Pro Hero 4

Go Pro changed the world of sharing and recording experiences with its nifty, almost indestructible camera. This is the perfect gift for the travellers and adventurers of the family. Hero 4 is the latest in their product line and boasts a variety of awesome features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in touchscreen display.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 6 389

By Now

Nike MAGs

So October 21st, 2015 happened, and we were reminded of one of the greatest films of all time, Back to the Future II. October 21st was the day that Marty McFly went to the future, and whilst we may not have crazy hair and flying cars, Nike surprised us with self-lacing shoes. It took the team 6 years to create the shoe as a perfect replica of the shoes in the film. The Nike MAG’s have a 3000-hour rechargeable battery, lights, electroluminescent out-soles and yes, they do lace up themselves.

They are set to be released early 2016, so you could always give an IOU this Christmas… A one for any Back to the Future fan.

Not sure about the price, but we are pretty sure it will be a lot of pretty pennies.


Seen people whizzing around on a skateboard looking thing with 2 wheels? Meet the iGlide, ideal for low-speed personal transportation and fun! You can use it indoors and outdoors and all you need to do is move forward and backward to make it move.  It has a small motorized engine to give an average speed of 15 km/h. Also Chris Brown and the Bieber are fans. I think just from those two names you can guess who to get it for 😉

You have to contact the company to place an order

Slide Lexus Hoverboard

So we got the Nike MAG’s from Back to the Future, but the other cool thing was Hoverboards! Lexus has made one of the most stylish and elegant hoverboards on this planet. Everything about it screams Lexus, from the high tech to the bamboo finish.

The hoverboard is constructed from an insulated core, containing HTSLs (high-temperature superconducting blocks). These are housed in cryostats – reservoirs of liquid nitrogen that cool the superconductors to -197°C. The board is then placed above a track containing permanent magnets. When the board is cooled to its operating temperature the track’s magnetic flux lines are ‘pinned’ into place, maintaining the hover height of the board.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy it, but we thought we would add it to the list because, hey, one can dream.

More info here.


Wouldn’t it be nice to give your loved ones that extra bit of reassurance that their computer files are safe? We are currently running a special where one can get a 1TB external hard drive OR 50 GB of Cloud Storage for 12 months for only R 1 499 pretty pennies! Both come with set up and installation. Perfect for family members that have hordes of data but ‘forget’ to back up.

Contact us today!

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook

Starting at just 1305 grams this is the best gift for anyone on the go. It is the thinnest Thinkpad ever at 17.72 mm thin. It delivers up to 10.9 hours of battery life (a full working day!) and with RapidCharge you can get up to 80% of battery life when you’re running low. This ThinkPad is practically indestructible; Lenovo has performed nearly a dozen separate military-grade specification tests. Also, you can use your fingerprint for security. This gift is perfect for anyone in the family, specifically the clumsy one who always forgets their password.

We are proud to be a distribution partner of Lenovo, so contact us today to see what we have on offer.

Cooler Box Speaker

So this groovy Kickstarter product is perfect for the braai master of the family. You know, the guys that without fail will have a braai every Saturday, come rain, hail or snow. The Cooler Box has a built-in Ice crusher, Bluetooth connectivity for speakers, USB charger and bottle opener!

Only available online at $499 (That’s is about R 7 200 pretty pennies as of 4 Dec 2015)

Buy Now

XboxOne Kinect

The XboxOne Kinect is fun for the whole family. With Kinect you can control your gameplay using your body, you can even make Skype calls without a controller! With this bundle, you get a token to download the newest Dance Central game. Time to learn some sweet moves. Note: you need an XboxOne Console to use the Kinect for XboxOne.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 2 455

Buy Now

Ice Cream and Sorbet maker

This semi-automatic ice cream machine is perfect for the family chef! After leaving the bowl in the freezer for 24 hours, you can have freshly made ice cream in 20 to 40 minutes! A feeder bowl on the appliances allows you to add extra yummy ingredients whilst the ice cream is being made. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 799

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Stocking Fillers

Need something special to spoil someone? Here are some slightly less expensive tech goodies for everybody.

Pocket Click Stick

A foldable selfie stick for those avid selfie-takers. It measures 17 cm folded up and can extend to up to 66 cm. Also, there are a variety of colours available such as white, red, blue and pink.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 220

Organic Soul Solar Jar Lantern

Ok, these have been around for a while, but people still love them because they are just so pretty! They are jar lanterns that are charged with the power of the sun. Perfect for any new homeowner or eco-friendly nut! You can only see them effectively in the dark but they last about 5 hours.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 99

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Desk Organiser with USB

This is great for the entrepreneur of the family. This nifty gadget fits your tablet, phone, pens, and pencils and has 2 USB ports for charging or your goods. Perfect for the person who doesn’t stray too far from a screen.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 550

Clap on Clock

This guy looks like a normal wooden block ornament until you clap your hands. Then the red LED time appears. Perfect for the gadget fan. Just a heads up: it takes 2 AAA batteries which are not included.

Pretty Pennies needed: R290

Smart Phone Projector

This on for the festival-goers. This allows you to turn your phone into a mini projector to show friends pictures, videos or anything on your phone you deem necessary. It’s made from cardboard so its super light and portable. Suitable for Android and Apple smartphones.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 350

Zip Earphones

Got a musician friend? Or just know someone mad about music? These funky earphones help you maintain a tangle-free earphone lifestyle. Unzip for use, and zip up when you’re done. They are available in orange, black or pink.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 190

Bottle Light

Wine lovers will love this handy rechargeable cork globe. It lets you transform glass bottles into lamps and lasts 3 hours after an hour’s charge via USB. Not suitable for use when there is actual wine in the bottle.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 190

Floating Light

Similar to the bottle light, this one is more for the whiskey drinkers and bath lovers. You can turn any glass into a lamp or have a magical bath without the risk of your hair getting singed by candles. It charges with a micro cable in an hour and can last for up to 2.5 hours.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 190

Fall Out 4

Any gamer that hasn’t got this already will adore you if you get them this for Christmas. This has been the talk of the season and promises an amazing gaming experience. As the sole survivor of Vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland. Do what you want with open-world gameplay with hundreds of locations, characters, and quests. Collect, upgrade, and build thousands of items in the most advanced crafting system ever. Weapons, armour, chemicals, and food are just the beginning – you can even build and manage entire settlements. Available on XboxOne, PS4, and PC.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 759 on Xbox One and PS4

Buy Now


This electric braai lighter is the gift for the mega braai master, sometimes referred to as “dad”. The Looftlighter ignites anything from charcoal to wood. It also cuts down on toxic fumes from eliminating lighter fluid from the process. Also, it’s designed in Sweden.

Pretty Pennies needed: R 599

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