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Tech for Good: Dimension Data and Cisco bring anti-poaching Tech to Africa

By 8th July 2019No Comments

Dimension Data and Cisco are expanding their conservation program into Zambia, Mozambique, and Kenya to continue their efforts in protecting rhino as well as the African Elephant.

The conservation project started in South Africa in our very own Kruger National Park. The project uses some of the worlds most advanced technology and has assisted in reducing poaching incidents by 96%.

Human activity in game reserves is huge and often not monitored due to the reserve being in a remote location and not having the IT infrastructure to monitor the in and outflow of human beings.

Many organizations have used reactive measures such as dehorning and inserting sensors into the rhino. However, a reactive approach normally means that by the time the ranger reaches the animal, the tusks and horn have already been hacked off. This conservation technology is designed to be proactively protective. The animals are not touched while a layered effect of sophisticated technology (gadgets and people) protect them.

The visions of Dimension Data and Cisco’s Conservation program is to spread the use of this technology globally and protect all endangered species. In fact, they have even been approached to look at how technology can help conserve marine life in New Zealand.

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