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Paper versus Screen: Which is better?

By 15th June 2018No Comments

With the increasing popularity of e-books it’s important to know which is better for reading. One study found that students scored higher in comprehension tests if they read from paper. Many surveys report that people prefer paper despite the rise in e-readers. The interest in books seems to come from various factors that are familiar to us. The obvious one is the nostalgic experience of reading a book and literally feeling the story by holding the book. The entirety of the book with its pages maps the world of the book in our brains whereas we have nothing to compare it to with digital pages on a screen.

Newspaper headlines often scream: screens make us read slower, learn less, remember less and most common of all, sleep less”. However, there is conflicting evidence that digital screens are helping students learn better, especially when you consider how they are using their smartphones to learn. The technology itself has evolved along with humans. In the 1980s not many people owned a computer and today we are surrounded by screens.

However, research shows that preference plays a big part. People who prefer e-books don’t have a worse reading experience. And the technology is transforming to suit our needs and health. Soon screens may be the better alternative to paper, which is great for the environment.

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