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Our top 4 Blockchain-based platforms from 2018

By 19th February 2019No Comments

Blockchain was the trend word of 2018 in the IT space and it is still relevant in the years to come. Despite popular belief – blockchain is not cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology, which can be used in multiple industries due to the system making it impossible to falsify records. We look at our favourite blockchain based platforms from 2018.


Polyswarm is threat-intelligence using a reward based blockchain system for the automated cyber threat intelligence agency. What’s great is that it provides a real-time threat detection ecosystem that involves all actors such as enterprises, consumers, anti-virus companies and security experts. It’s the idea of the transparency of blockchain along with the global security intelligence that makes Polyswarm the future of anti-virus.


This wouldn’t be a blockchain post if it didn’t mention some sort of cryptocurrency. RACoin has been designed to improve the online gaming experience. Unfortunately, the online gambling market has issues of transparency and privacy, even though it shows promising growth. Blockchain allows for fair play in the gambling system and RACoin enables just that. It is a unified, functional cryptocurrency that enables players to play with their preferred method of payment.


Kora is a philanthropic platform that intends to help those who are affected by expensive and access to financial services. Kora believes that technology should empower people and provides the tools to include those who don’t have access to it. The system is built to provide a low cost, universal financial services platform accessible through mobile phones using USSD and app technology.


Spindle is an asset management platform as well as a cryptocurrency. In 2018 the company began trading on 5 major Global exchanges. Using the conventional trading system has issues and transparency is a big one. Blockchain technology allows Spindle to provide fair and trustworthy information to investors.


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