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Microsoft 365 File and Document Collaboration

With staff and teams now generating massive volumes of data – in the form of documents, reports, images, spreadsheets, multimedia, etc – it has become imperative for businesses to organise and store this data correctly, and safely.

Dial a Nerd and Microsoft’s document management solution ensures that every document and file is stored in an organised, accessible, and safe way. This solution enables businesses to organise and manage content in lists with metadata, records management and retention policies. It empowers your teams and departments to quickly and securely share files with people both inside and outside the business.  Document management policies are extremely customizable and incredibly important.  You’ll be able to force important documents to expire at a specific time, render them useless to unauthorized people, or generate a warning if someone tries to take them out of the network.  The data control and protection mechanisms are unparalleled and will provide peace of mind in an environment fraught with cyber risk.

Dial a Nerd offers Microsoft Office 365 Nationwide with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Given that real-time collaboration is now so vital to innovation and growth, Microsoft’s solution also allows businesses to create communication and team sites whereby teams can remotely organise and collaborate on content and data – as well as stay current with company news and developments.  As you will learn, the Microsoft document management solution is much more than just document management.

At Dial a Nerd, robust data security is always top of mind – and this solution makes use of advanced data-loss prevention (DLP) capabilities to identify, monitor and protect important data.  This has the added effect of increasing compliance scores for POPIA or GDPR.

In today’s hyper-connected and high-risk business environment, businesses simply cannot afford to mismanage – or misplace – documents and data. Do you have the right solution?

If you are looking for the best way to take advantage of the various features and benefits of Microsoft Office 365 then give us a call to speak to one of our expert consultants.

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Microsoft Office 365 can take your business to the next level by improving your productivity and giving you access to solutions and new ways of doing things that your competitors might not have.

With Office, your software is continually updated behind the scenes so you are always using the latest version. All your employees have mobile access to the latest Office apps and collaboration is a breeze with all the new features that Microsoft developed.

Contact Dial a Nerd today to find out how we can help you embrace the Office 365 environment and become a more effective business.


Microsoft Office 365 for Home is the ideal solution for any family looking at sharing content on any of their devices. Accessing shared calendars or projects like documents and presentations for school and work could not be easier.

Our friendly technicians will show you all the ways there are to get the most from your Office 365 environment and even have group conversations with family members when you are travelling.

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