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IT Solutions for Schools

By 18th November 2015October 18th, 2016No Comments
it solutions for schools

Here at Dial a Nerd, we believe in using the best and most efficient programs, software and systems to help you with your IT needs. Two systems that we trust and recommend for schools are Net Support School and Cloud Gate. Let’s find out what they do.

NetSupport School

NetSupport School is one of the best classroom support, orchestration, management and monitoring software solutions for schools. NetSupport works across all platforms, supporting teachers whilst leveraging the best from the school’s ICT system. The key features are as follows:

  • Control: As a teacher, NetSupport allows for you to control activity on each device that your students use.
  • Monitor Internet, Application, Instant Messenger, Printer and USB/CD devices
  • Assess: NetSupport School serves up a unique Q&A mode for individual, group and peer assessment.
  • Collaborate: From group leaders, group chat sessions, interactive whiteboard, audio monitoring and more, NetSupport School is built with knowledge of the need of collaboration in schools.
  • Whole School: A dedicated Technicians’ Console is also included for the Network Manager and their team so they can see all PCs across the school, monitor systems and perform remote management when needed.

To find out more click here



CloudGate is the replacement for the power hungry PC desktop you’ve previously spent lots of money buying and maintaining.  The device is a tiny box that plugs into your screen, keyboard and mouse and does everything the traditional PC box can do.  It’s small so physical space is saved, it’s got no moving parts so maintenance is lower and life is longer, it uses a fraction of the power and best of all its cheaper to buy!

The 2 operating systems it comes with are Android or Windows. In either case most of the actual data and applications are stored on your server so there’s a greater degree of control for teachers.


Think this is a viable solution for your educational institution? Contact Dial a Nerd today.

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