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How to automate your business

By 25th October 2019August 26th, 2022No Comments

When looking at how to automate your business we first need to ask if there is not an easier way of doing things. How can I help benefit my business by increasing productivity, and efficiency and reducing human errors in daily tasks?  

We have compiled a list of a few of the recommended tools out there that will cater to all the questions above regarding how to automate your business.

One of those applications high on the list is all the features provided by Office 365 which helps automate and limit daily IT-related tasks.  

Office 365 Exchange email features and one drive are perfect when wanting to keep data backed up and not having to worry that your last backup went through successfully or the backup media crashing/being stolen. The relief of knowing that your data is behind secure services is a great feelingAll data is backed up automatically with document version control helping in case you become a victim of ransomware encrypting all your data.  

With one drive and SharePoint, you get the capability of accessing your data securely from any machine that has internet. The feature allows you to share any data with a click of a button to external users and allowing file collaboration within your team.  

Microsoft Teams provides chat capabilities with real-time states overview of your colleagues which allows for easy communication and collaboration on a project you may be working onThe ability to make calls through the app to other Team members or even share/host your screen to other colleagues is quite helpful saving you time and headaches.  

Next on the list is the Todoist task application which can be integrated with Microsoft teams, Gmail and various other apps. This service allows you to keep track of everything that needs to get done by quickly organizing your tasks, this helps with remembering and managing tasks which then assist in planning your day.  

Another amazing communication tool is Slack which has real-time communication and collaboration. Files can be shared between team members. The application integrates into many other applications and includes a talk it out face-to-face feature.  

Zapier is a simple automation platform that helps save time and money while increasing productivity. The online tool collaborates with other online tools allowing automation between them, you can save your email attachments from Gmail to google drive automatically or for example copying text from emails into a spreadsheet automatically. Recommend having a look at Zapier as there are so many things you could do with this online tool.  

With so many applications out there, we included a few that we have come across. The possibilities are endless and if you need something automated there is an app out for it or will be in the future. 

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