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What Fibre to the Home Really Means

By 11th October 2016November 21st, 2018One Comment
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You’ve done your techie homework, paid the fees, and you’re now connecting to the Internet at blisteringly fast speeds. So where to from here?

Peace at Last

For one, the entire household is now connected. From 9-year-old Sally with her tablet to 50-year-old dad with his laptop, phone, TV and tablet. Up to now, the fights started when Sally’s brother wanted to play his online games, Mom was streaming Game of Thrones, and Dad was trying to Skype colleagues overseas. The result? Chaos and conflict. As many can testify, fights over Internet connectivity can get nasty.
No more, however. With Fibre to the Home, families can seamlessly connect multiple devices. And everyone can go about his or her web-based activities in relative peace.

Goodbye Buffering, Hello Streaming

It’s a terrible feeling. Waiting for that YouTube movie trailer to load, while you impatiently tap your fingers on the keyboard, anxious to get on with the day.
Congratulations, those long seconds and minutes of waiting are now over. With Fibre, your music and videos stream instantly. This means that you can now sign up to Showmax, Netflix and other streaming services – at a fraction of the cost of satellite TV. Even better, you can now click the “HD” button with confidence.

No More Ghastly Freeze Frame

If you Skype a great deal, and are one of the many mortals addicted to online gaming, Fibre is nothing short of a blessing. Indeed, a 2 Mbps ADSL line will give you that freeze frame effect whereby your friend Betty in Perth keeps talking – but her mouth isn’t moving. Creepy. With Fibre, you can get the whole gang together, no matter where they are in the world, and happily chat away without the spectre of the freeze frame.

Join the Exodus to the Cloud

One of the major advantages of Fibre is that you can now maximise the benefits of the Cloud. Instead of clogging up your hard drive with pictures and videos of family vacations, you can simply upload the files to the Cloud (WHILE streaming Game of Thrones).

Welcome, Internet of Things!

You may have heard some of the hype that is currently circling around the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). Essentially, the IoT is the emerging world of connected devices that are enabled by super fast internet connectivity. So, for example, smart outlets allow you to instantly turn on and off any plugged in device from across the world; smart thermostats use sensors, weather forecasts, and the actual activity in your home during the day to reduce your monthly energy usage; smart fridges can send messages to your phone when the milk is running low; and sophisticated entertainment systems can stream your favourite songs to the living room when you arrive home.

Work from Home, Become Super Productive

With world-class and reliable connectivity, you can now do real-time online collaboration with work colleagues and conduct hassle-free video calls. Armed with Fibre, you can happily join the growing legion of remote workers, who are often far more productive – and content – than their less fortunate, office-bound co-workers.


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