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Easy ways to improve your tech’s battery life

By 15th November 2019No Comments

We have all been in a situation where our phone’s battery life drops below the dreaded 20%, or even worse, gets down to 1% when you need it most. Worse still you are preparing for a big presentation and your laptop’s battery suddenly drops a few percent. Nobody wants to be in these situations so we’ve put together the following list which will help you to preserve and possibly improve your tech’s battery life.

Find out what uses the majority of your battery life

Have you ever installed a new application on your phone or computer and found that your battery life drops very quickly? Every application uses different amounts of power and determining this can be crucial to preserving your battery life. Your phone and laptop will have stats on what applications use the most power. Reducing the usage of these applications can have a huge effect on your battery life.

Using battery power modes

Power modes can be utilized to turn off various features to extend your battery life. These modes can be used if you need to increase your battery life for various reasons, once activated features will be turned off such as background app refreshing or location services.

Closing noncritical applications

Once you are finished using an application, it is recommended to completely close the application as appose to just minimizing it. Applications will continue to use the battery when minimized due to background refreshing.

Ensuring your device is completely up to date

Regular updates are always recommended to ensure your device is running optimally and securely. Up to date applications will also ensure that your battery life is efficiently used due to bug fixes and patches to ensure the application or operating system is running optimally.

Turning off unnecessary notifications

Reducing the number of notifications that are pushed to your device will help to improve its battery life. Constant notifications increase the likelihood of you using your device which in turn reduces battery life. It is good practice to only receive notifications for your critical applications.

By following the list, we hope that you will maximize your device’s battery life and ensure that you are never in a position where you run out of battery when you need it most. That being said it is also strongly recommended that you invest in a power bank to get you out of any of these situations.

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