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Dial a Nerd in merger deal with Turrito Networks

By 27th October 2017No Comments

South African IT support company Dial a Nerd has announced a merger with Turrito Networks, following a two year-long partnership.

From its early beginning as a garage start-up in 1998, Dial a Nerd has since extended its physical presence across the country to serve educational institutions, small and medium enterprises and even corporates.

In 2015, to support the expansion of its product and service offerings, Dial a Nerd began working closely with connectivity services provider, Turrito Networks.

“Our goal has always been to provide a more holistic IT service, and this merger acts as a powerful enabler for this vision,” said Colin Thornton, co-MD, Dial a Nerd and Turrito Networks.

“Turrito Networks provides niche Internet Services outside of your local network and Dial a Nerd provides all the IT support within it.”

According to Thornton, since the initial partnership was established in 2015, Dial a Nerd has focused on creating an end-to- end IT solution for its customers and has made ‘enormous strides here’.

“The full merging of these two companies is the culmination of this work, and creates one organisation capable of delivering and supporting all aspects of IT and Communication,” he said. “From a humble laptop right through to a fibre connected geo-redundant hybrid-cloud solution.”

For existing customers of both companies, Thornton said that there will be no disruption or changes to the service, underscoring that all services from both companies will remain in place and will be available to all customers as per normal.

With regards to billing, he said that some Dial a Nerd customers may receive Turrito invoices (and vice versa), but existing pricing and terms will not change.

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