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This cute device will keep your smart home safe

By 2nd August 2017No Comments

One of the major threats of having a fully connected, “smart” home environment is its vulnerability to hackers. With many new hacks affecting connected devices, it will be crucial to have a Firewall in your home. Imagine the security risks you face if some criminal hacks into your home IP cameras? Just as almost every South African has an alarm and electric fence to protect their home, they will need to protect themselves from the global cyber-criminals.

CUJO is a firewall, that looks adorable, which secures all devices connected in your smart home against hacks and web threats. On top of this, you can control what content your kids can access.

So how does it work?

All you need to do is connect the CUJO device to your wi-fi router with an ethernet cable, install the app on your smart phone and control your networks. It’s simple and easy.

CUJO analyzes your local network traffic data locally and in real time. It then sends statistics on that data to the cloud for further analysis. For your privacy as well as performance reasons, they don’t send the contents of those packets to the cloud. If a threat or suspicious activity is detected, CUJO will tell the cloud what it has blocked so you can receive a notification on your mobile app to confirm it.

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