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Cheapest ADSL data prices ever in South Africa

By 21st October 2015October 18th, 2016No Comments

Some of the main service providers such as Openweb, Afrihost and Vox Telecom have reduced their capped ADSL prices to below R4 per GB, which is the lowest level ever seen in South Africa.

When ADSL was first launched in 2002, Telkom dominated the market and therefore could charge a lot for a service everyone wanted. We were used to paying between R50 and R70 for a gigabyte of ADSL data.

When Afrihost started offering R29 per GB in 2009, this all began to change. MWEB got on board by offering their own affordable uncapped ADSL products, which in turn challenged other ISPs to do the same. This resulted in numerous price cuts over the next three and a half years, and explains today’s prices in a nutshell.

ISP GB Price Price per GB
Openweb 10 R49 R4.90
Afrihost 10 R49 R4.90
Telkom Internet 10 R99 R9.90
Openweb 50 R199 R3.98
Afrihost 50 R199 R3.98
Vox Telecom 50 R239 R4.78
Telkom Internet 40 R239 R5.98
Openweb 100 R399 R3.99
Afrihost 100 R399 R3.99
Vox Telecom 100 R430 R4.30

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