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Benefits to outsourcing your IT

By 2nd October 2018No Comments

There are many good reasons on why you should outsource a wide variety of business-critical functions such as HR, call centers and even sales departments, however, one of the areas where this makes the most sense is Information Technology (IT). If you are wondering whether it’s a good move to outsource your IT department, you are not alone. The idea of outsourcing your IT has been a movement that’s been brewing over the past 5 years. But why are people doing this? We break down the biggest benefits of outsourcing your IT.

Cost savings

It’s not surprising that the main reason businesses outsource services is to cut costs. Running a full in-house IT department incurs a lot of costs such as equipment, software, and security. Downsizing an IT department allows for cost savings that continue month to month. For smaller businesses that may have never had an IT department make outsourcing their IT the only viable and cost-effective solution.

Time savings

Maybe you don’t have an IT department, but you have some tech-savvy employees performing other roles in the businesses helping with your IT infrastructure you may want to free up some of their valuable time by outsourcing your IT. An outsourced IT department will have more expertise in the field as that is what they do, they know what to look for and how to make a solution for the problem instead of having your finance manager stuck on an IT problem for 3 hours instead of the business books.

Keeping up to date

Outsourcing an IT department means you have access to the most up to date hardware and software out there. This not only makes your business more efficient but also helps you stay ahead of the competition. Your outsourced partner is going to handle updates for you, so you can rather focus on your business. You also won’t waste time with out of date updates (because you may have not got round to updating) as your outsourced IT team will handle this for you.

Security. Security. Security

In this day and age, cyber threats are at there peak and will most probably increase. It is a myth that you will have better security if you keep everything in-house, an outsourced IT provider has the top tier knowledge to advise you on your technology security controls. With the popularity of cloud storage and applications, you already gain the benefits of the latest updates and top security, all of which your provider can manage for you. It is generally safer to outsource your IT, and that can give you and your business greater peace of mind.

Although there is still a place for in-house IT departments, outsourcing your business IT can lead to cost and time saving as well as the expertise required for the technology that keeps your business running.

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