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Apple lets consumers fix their own devices

By 26th May 2022No Comments

Apple announced in November 2021 that its devices’ parts, tools, and manuals—which were previously only officially available to its in-store “geniuses” and other approved vendors—will soon be available to all, starting with the iPhones 12 and 13.

Apple’s move follows mounting pressure from regulators to ease policies that make it more difficult for consumers to fix their own devices, such as directing them to authorized retailers and using parts that aren’t widely available. This year alone…

  • The first national bill on the issue was introduced in Congress in June, and 27 states are considering similar bills that make it easier for consumers to fix their own junk.
  • The FTC unanimously decided in July to increase enforcement against tech companies that impede consumers’ ability to repair their devices.
  • A group of Apple shareholders urged the tech giant in September to reconsider its pre-yesterday stance on the issue.

Zoom out: Apple setting its gadgets free is a big win for “right to repair” advocates, who argue that the high cost of professional tune-ups forces consumers to buy new products instead—good for tech giants, bad for the environment

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