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Office 365 Data Protection Explained

By 9th February 2016February 15th, 2021No Comments
office 365 data protection explained

Microsoft’s Office 365 is continuously upgrading to make it more secure and efficient for users. Office 365 has one of the biggest data sets in the world, with oodles of data transferring between people daily. Microsoft focuses on your data protection without distracting you from your work. They stick to ensuring that you can define and set rules for your data, Microsoft doesn’t want you to take your data out of Office 365 to protect it. The data security in Office 365 includes:

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention in Office 365 allows you to set policies that govern your data and define specific actions taken when information is shared. Microsoft follows a people-centric approach to the protection it runs in the background is not counter-productive. For example, if you are authoring a document with sensitive information such as credit card information, they warn you if the action places you at risk, depending on policy rules you have set.

Microsoft also protects your data, independent of where it resides. This manages and governs who has access to your data and sets permissions and who can access what. With mobile devices, you can selectively remove corporate data from that device.

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection, literally, protects you from threats. For example, with email, you can activate it to find and isolate suspicious emails that may be phishing attempts. It also blocks malicious links across all devices to protect you. All suspicious content goes through real-time analysis to evaluate the data for suspicious activity.

Intelligent Protection

Microsoft uses machine learning to track vulnerabilities at scale to reduce risk to your company. This allows you to incorporate their data with your in-house or third party security systems. In the future, Microsoft hopes to collect all security signals so you can have a full-circle view on the security of your data, even if it’s not on the Microsoft Cloud.

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