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FindTime: A Very Cool Add-On for Office 365

By 29th January 2016February 15th, 2021No Comments
findtime a very cool add on for office 365

Spent more time finding a suitable meeting time than the time the actual meeting took? FindTime solves this problem.

FindTime is an Office 365 Add-On that is one of the easiest ways to schedule meetings across companies. So instead of it taking hours of emails to set that meeting up with a new supplier, it works out the best suitable time for both of you and you’re on your way to more efficient productivity.

FindTime shows days and times that work best for you and the attendees. All attendees then vote on the proposed times. Once there is a consensus, FindTime sends out a request on your behalf.

This video explains it more…

What we really love about this add-on is that the recipients do not have to have FindTime installed, you can send a test to work it out and you can send invites to people you don’t use Office 365. You can send a FindTime invite to anyone with an email address, only organisers need to have FindTime installed.

Install it here.

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