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7 technologies from Sci-Fi that really exist

By 5th February 2018No Comments

Stemming from mythology, science fiction is one of the oldest genres in literature. What separates this genre from fantasy is that it generally relies on technology. Sometimes real science takes it’s ideas from the pages of a sci-fi book, for example…

Driverless cars

We’ve written about how we may be living in the Minority Report world. One of the amazing technological feats in the film is driverless cars. Google’s driverless car was one of the first attempts at this technology and now companies like Uber are following suit.

Invisible Bike Helmets

We don’t think we’ve seen invisible bike helmets in Sci-Fi, but it certainly seems like it should have been in some film or book. The device in the clip above is a mobile airbag which is said to replace the currently rather bulky bike helmet.

Shark Repellent

The gadgets and villains from the Batman franchise are almost always out of some Science Fiction novel. The 1966 Batman introduced us to Shark Repellent, and as farfetched as they might sound, they’ve created it. Eric Stroud has developed a device that uses magnetism to repel sharks. This could be used as an alternative to shark nets which are often more harmful to the animals than good.


Android robots in Sci-Fi are a standard staple. With the introduction of AI into the science world, it’s very likely we will have Androids running many different functions in the near future. In fact, there is a hotel in Japan that’s receptionist is a robot.


What’s more terrifying than AI taking over the world via robots? Tiny robots that you can barely see perhaps? These Micro-Drones can take pictures, record audio and take a blood sample without you even knowing.


Transplanting a human brain into a robot: it doesn’t just sound like science fiction; it sounds like bad science fiction. But that’s what Russian Dmitry Itskov claims to be working towards. Granted, this isn’t a technology that is currently available, but Itskov plans to have it running in the next 10 years – well before all those billionaire baby boomers punch their final ticket.

A super virus that can kill everyone

If you’ve ever watched Inferno, contagion or even the Walking Dead you can understand how fast disease can spread in the world. Although we tend to think with our complicated genetics and advances in medical science would prevent this from happening. In 2011 a Dutch Virologist announced that he had created that exact virus.

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