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Why you are having Wi-Fi issues

By 5th May 2020September 17th, 2020One Comment
Working from home wifi

With homeschooling and working from home becoming the “new normal”, we at Dial a Nerd have been getting multiple requests for fixing home connectivity and Wi-Fi issues. Normally, people tend to blame their service provider but that is seldom the case. 90% of the time, poor Wi-Fi is caused by the equipment and the configuration used in your home environment. We break down the most common Wi-Fi issues we come across and how to fix them.

Problem 1: My Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach through my entire house/where I need to work

If your wi-fi signal isn’t reaching certain parts of your house it’s usually due to your router being placed in a poor spot and insufficient wireless access points.

Solution: A full Wi-Fi assessment of your home will figure out where the best place for your router is. If it is already in the best position and you are still getting poor coverage, more access points and cabling in your home is needed.

Problem 2: Everything keeps buffering and is slow to load

If your devices keep buffering while streaming media from the internet it’s usually because your wireless network is overcrowded with many people streaming at the same time or high internet usage around the household.

Solution: Your connectivity needs to be upgraded, if this has been done and it is not better, an investigation needs to be conducted into what is using so much bandwidth. It could be anything from the TV to smartphones to a slow PC. It’s best to have your high demand “work-from-home” and schooling devices plugged in via ethernet cables and smartphones connected via the Wi-Fi.

Problem 3: My connection keeps dropping

If your connection to the internet drops intermittently it’s because your hardware is faulty or you have a poor wi-fi configuration.

Solution: Your network needs to be re-configured to work for you. This may require a better router, some cabling and access points to make sure you have better connectivity to work and school from home.

Problem 4: I’m experiencing high latency

High latency means that the network is very busy. You do not want this if what you are doing requires you to be smoothly connected to the internet. Online gaming and HD Streaming require high network performance.

Solution: It’s best to directly “plug-in” device that requires high network performance. If you have people in your home that require this, a fully cabled solution is best.

Problem 5: Old Hardware

Old hardware such as Wi-Fi repeaters and extenders provide poor connectivity speeds. Check how up to date your router is to make sure that it’s not the router that’s causing your connectivity issues.

Solution: Newer connectivity technology is much more suited for your connectivity requirements and provided a streamlined experience.

Download our infographic that explains the potential problems you are having with your Wi-Fi – fridges and microwaves play a part! Click here to download it. 

If you are experiencing connectivity problems, it’s best to get an expert in to fully assess the situation. To book a Nerd fill in the form below or call us on 086 146 3737.

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  • Nicole Claassens says:

    We are with supersonic but we cannot get our computer connected and our smart TV is the only one struggling with signal despite 5 boosters. Are u able to assist?

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