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NerdPower: Your Digital Lifeline Amid Load Shedding

By 19th September 2023No Comments

During this age of digital dependence, the scourge of load shedding can wreak havoc on our online lives. However, fear not, for Dial a Nerd has unveiled a savior in the form of the Mini UPS, NerdPower. This ingenious device is your steadfast companion, ensuring that your internet and WiFi connections remain unwavering even in the face of load shedding adversity.

NerdPower emerges as a stalwart ally, offering unwavering backup power during load shedding’s capricious onslaught. Its brilliance lies in its intelligent charging and battery management system, guaranteeing a continuous power supply that shields you from sudden and maddening disconnections.

At its heart, NerdPower harnesses the prowess of a lithium battery, bestowing upon you improved uptime, an extended lifespan for your UPS, and enhanced energy efficiency. In a world that demands constant connectivity, this is nothing short of a digital lifeline.

NerdPower stands as an affordable sanctuary for your connectivity woes. It effortlessly pairs with most 12V routers and fiber CPEs, offering the added convenience of 5V or 9V options upon request.

When you invest in NerdPower, you are investing in peace of mind. The product is accompanied by a generous 12-month warranty on the power supply unit, a testament to its unwavering reliability and robust durability.

Let’s delve into the key specifications of the NerdPower Mini UPS:

  • Basic Battery: A formidable 76,800 mWh. A 12V, 6Ah, Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.
  • Input Voltage Range: Capable of accommodating voltages between 110V and 240VAC.
  • Output No Load Voltage: Maintains a steady <14VDC.
  • Battery Charger Output: A precise 13.8V ±3%.
  • Output Current: An impressive 3.2A at 12V.


In summation, NerdPower stands as the steadfast guardian against the turbulence brought forth by load shedding. Its intelligent design, fortified by lithium-powered resilience, affordability, and universal compatibility, cements its status as an indispensable tool for navigating our digital world with unwavering connectivity. In the realm of the digital age, NerdPower is your unwavering sentinel.

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