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IT Network Cabling

Despite the wireless world in which we live, network cabling is still integral to the planning, designing, and implementation of an IT system. Knowing where to put access links and how to design an efficient network map, requires professional and experienced consultants.

At Dial a Nerd, we have extensive experience in home and business environments. We provide all our clients with a high standard of planning and installation at affordable rates.

Our cabling services include:

  • Installation of new networks;
  • Upgrades or improvements to existing networks;
  • Power over Ethernet;
  • Provision and installation of telephone extensions;
  • Repairs to networks and cabling;
  • Fault finding;
  • Installations of cables within walls and under floors;
  • Set up of server rooms;
  • Patch panel population;
  • Rack installations; and
  • Rack neatening.

So give us a call today to find out how we can work with you to design the perfect network for your requirements.


Network cabling is a fundamental element of any corporate network. So why not get the professionals at Dial a Nerd to come and help you plan and neatly install according to your unique requirements?

We have more than 15 years’ experience in a variety of environments. Not only can we help you set up new network installations but we can also help with fault finding, patching and cabling repairs, as well as neatening your racks or even redesigning your server room.


With educational institutions often covering a wide area, cabling has often proved to be a major headache for IT administrators there.

Dial a Nerd proves specialised cabling services that ensure your network always runs at peak performance. We can even assist with the installation of cables within walls and under floors to give your buildings that professional look.


Reducing network cable clutter in the home is our specialty. After all, you do not want any unsightly cables or wires exposed. So give our friendly and professional technicians a call to hear how they can help you enhance your home network cost-effectively.

Below is a list of IT services that we have to offer: