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Managed IT Services Solutions

IT Support is traditionally delivered in a reactive way: when something breaks you pick up the phone and an engineer arrives to help.  The engineer invoices you for every hour spent and you don’t see them again until something else goes wrong.  The problem with this approach is that it actually suits IT Support companies when there’s a problem.  More problems mean more hours to invoice.  In reality there probably aren’t many IT Support companies which actually operate this way, much less admit it, but the fact remains it’s a reactive model.  And in todays highly IT-dependant environments, being reactive isn’t good enough.  Downtime today can be extremely costly and could mean lost deals, delays, penalties and frustration.

‘Managed IT Services’ are a different way of approaching IT support.  The actual mechanisms vary depending on the customers needs but there is always a fixed-fee approach.  This means that when there are problems to fix the IT Support company is losing.  A perfect Managed Service customer is a customer with zero problems needing zero support.  Now the customer and the IT Support company are on the same side.  There is therefore a huge emphasis on proactive support.  Checking patches and anti-virus is up to date, regularly checking and testing backups, monitoring all aspects of the network for potential problems like delays or heat build-up.

When performed properly these proactive support techniques reduce the chances of downtime significantly meaning less fixing and more productivity.  For too long customers have viewed IT Support as technology medics and this doesn’t have to be the case.

At Dial a Nerd we love Managed IT and what it means for our customers.  We started the journey years ago and have noticed a huge reduction in downtime and a huge increase in customer satisfaction.  If you’d like to experience it for yourself book an appointment with one of our consultants.  There are numerous strategies available depending on your needs and budget.  We can operate as a fully outsourced IT department handling literally all aspects of your IT.  We can supplement your existing IT department and add scalability and additional skillsets.  We have numerous Service Level Agreements with monitoring and proactive support built in.  We also offer unlimited telephonic and remote support contracts for a fixed fee per user and have a massive success rate solving problems this way, with extremely fast response times.  Lastly, with one of the largest teams of technicians around the country, and twenty years of experience, we can also help when proactive support is too late and you have a disaster or need a good old fashioned technology medic.  If IT isn’t enabling and benefiting your business it’s time to Dial a Nerd!

Dial a Nerd offers Managed IT services nationwide, with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Any business relies on IT to ensure that the lights stay on and systems are running efficiently while delivering your services to customers.

With more than 15 years’ experience we can assist your internal IT team take your network to the next level. And if you do not have an IT department, we can provide a fully managed services portfolio to keep you covered.

Below is a list of IT services that we have to offer: