If you’ve ever experienced hard drive failure, you will know that it feels like the world has come to an end. Hard drive failure occurs when your computer’s hard drive fails to function correctly, and you can no longer access data stored on the hard drive. Fortunately, if you take the right steps, you can recover critical data….

We’re here to help!

Firstly, it is important to remain calm in the event of hard drive failure as you may take improper steps that will cause more damage. If you begin to hear clicking noises, clattering, whirring or screeching sounds, or your computer indicates an error, we strongly recommend that you stop using the hard drive to avoid further damage. Next, contact a Dial a Nerd Data Recovery specialist.

We have over 60 technicians available, including specialists in Data Recovery. Our technicians have mastered the necessary procedures to perform physical and logical Data Recovery services. In more than 90% of the cases we receive, we successfully recover customer data. Notably, the first attempt is the most important for success.

Hard Drive Failure – What do I do?

  • Do not restart; immediately turn off your PC.
  • This is important for all types of hard drive failure, be it your PC, server or Mac.

Accidental deletion

Even when your hard drive has failed due to accidentally deleted files, reformatting or running file recovery, a reboot can be fatal. Essentially, as you operate the computer, the system creates temporary files and swap data. This can overwrite critical data sectors that are necessary to complete successful Data Recovery. We recommend that you stop using the computer and immediately contact a Data Recovery specialist.

Do not put it in the freezer!

There is a pervasive myth that if you put your hard drive in the freezer, you will recover your data. This can short the circuit board and lead to future motor failure.

Do not open the hard drive seal

Hard drives can only be examined properly in a dust free, clean lab facility. If a hard drive is opened outside of this environment, it can lead to the cost of recovery being higher than necessary.

What are the most common causes of hard drive failure?

  • Heat – The primary cause of hard drive failure is overheating. Inadequate cooling is the main culprit here.
  • Actual physical damage – Any type of physical force, such as bumping, jarring, or dropping your computer may lead to physical damage to the hard drive.
  • Power Voltage Surges – A power surge can be caused by lightning strikes, interference with power lines, or by any event which causes the flow of energy to be interrupted and then restarted.
  • Water Damage – Moisture caused by flooding or even by spilling a liquid onto your computer is almost always bad news. The casing that holds the hard disk drive is not designed to be a barrier against water penetration.
  • Corrupted files – Improperly closing a program, turning of your computer before closing files, and installing new software can cause files to become corrupted. Power failures and accidental computer shut downs can contribute to corrupted files, thereby causing damage to the hard drive.
  • Human error – The functions of the hard drive can be impaired by human tampering with the system files. Accidental deletion of files imperative to the disk drive is not uncommon.

Remember, hard drive failure need not be the end of the world. Get in touch with us and recruit the help of an experienced Dial a Nerd Data Recovery specialist!

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