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Internet Breakout

Dial a Nerds connectivity partner is Turrito, a converged communication provider, delivering MPLS networks, hosting facilities, Internet and cloud computing services, we are passionate about service delivery and innovation, deploying solutions that match the needs of our customers.

Turrito’s access solutions run over a variety of international undersea cables, including SEACOM, SAT3, EASSY, WACS and SAFE. As well as international cable options, we also facilitate auto-failover between cable systems on our premium and broadband solutions, to ensure the highest level of reliance for our customers’ connectivity requirements. Our Internet services are delivered to our customers over a variety of fibres, leased line and wireless technologies, enabling broad geographic access for our customers. Internet access options include national, international or a combination of both to meet your requirements.


By sourcing your Internet access from Turrito Networks, clients will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Scalability: Increased bandwidth flexibility and scalability
  • Undersea cable redundancy: SEACOM, SAT3, EASSY, WACS and SAFE
  • Peace of mind: SLA-enforced performance and network uptime
  • Reliability: Increased network reliability and availability
  • Cost reduction: Reduced bandwidth costs

Service Levels

Turrito Networks has created a specific SLA that covers the performance and uptime of our Internet access solution.

These include:

  • Availability: Network availability is measured as the total availability of the network measured over a calendar month
  • Packet loss: Packet loss is a measure of packets sent to a destination that do not elicit corresponding return packets; these missing packets are termed lost packets
  • Latency (round-trip time): This is the time delay for a packet to travel across the network, whether locally or internationally

Below is a list of Locations where we provide Outsourced IT Support: