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Everything you need to know about Mesh Wi-Fi

By 19th July 2021No Comments

Mesh Wi-Fi isn’t necessarily new but for many years it was just used for businesses. With the advent of Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and remote working, mesh WIFI has become a popular choice for homes needing to eliminate “dead zones” and have uninterrupted WIFI in their home.

What is Mesh WIFI

Mesh WIFI systems simply allow the devices in your home network to have faster speeds, a more reliable connection and greater coverage. Traditional routers extend your network from a single router, a mesh system has multiple points to extend your network.

Wireless technology has grown dramatically in recent years and the latest access points use something called mesh technology with dual radio antennas and more intelligent systems to link to each other and prioritize data. This type of solution will mean the WIFI functionality of your router (provided by your ISP) is replaced with a mesh device.  You can then add additional mesh devices throughout the house to extend WIFI and link them directly to devices like TV’s, DSTV or gaming consoles.  Moving around the house and swapping between access points (automatically) is seamless.

Is Mesh WIFI better?

The above may sound like a simple WIFI extender system setup, but it’s not. Mesh systems work the same as regular routers and extenders but they’re a lot smarter and work better. They also look awesome, which may encourage you to keep them out of hidden cabinets. As described in the graphic below, its best to have your router away from as many shortfalls as possible:

Extra Mesh WIFI benefits include:

  • Easier to set up and maintain
  • Designed to work with each other, extending your WIFI signal more efficiently as a result
  • Mesh systems broadcast your network under a single name and automatically connect your device to the right mesh unit. So if you move your laptop from one point of the house to another, you don’t need to reconnect to the extender, it will seamlessly connect wherever you are.

Do I need Mesh WIFI?

If you are struggling with full or incomplete coverage in your home and want an easy WIFI setup, Mesh WIFI is for you. At Dial a Nerd we see 2 main types of homes that require a mesh system:

  1. Large homes, multi-story homes, many interior brick walls or unusual layouts.
  2. Homes that want a powerful WIFI system minus the complications traditional WIFI systems usually come with.

If you are looking to upgrade your home to a mesh WIFI system, contact Dial a Nerd today.

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