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Turrito Networks, Dial-a-Nerd provide integrate ICT offering

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turrito networks dial a nerd-provide integrate ict offering
Following its acquisition of Dial-a-Nerd last year, MICROmega Group company Turrito Networks is now able to provide its small to medium enterprise (SME) customers with a complete ICT value proposition. This is according to managing director Brian Timperley.

“Through Turrito Networks we were focused on providing hosted, cloud, and connectivity solutions to clients across industries. As a telecoms provider, our solutions were very externally focused but there was still a gap on local network and desktop support. While we could connect these businesses to the world, it was a case of needing to provide internal assistance as well,” says Timperley.

Traditionally, many SMEs struggle to manage their own internal networks and often do not have the skill set required. This means they would have to spend a significant amount of time and resources to conduct the IT support function which does not core to their operations.

By integrating Dial-a-Nerd into its offering, Turrito Networks is now able to fill that gap and provide customers with a complete cradle-to-the-grave ICT offering, or what they like to call Desktop-to-DataCentre.

“We are now not only a provider of choice when it comes to connectivity and the cloud, but the Dial-a-Nerd heritage means we offer desktop, local network, and all other advanced IT support critical to the function of an SME.”

After all, he says, the business decision-maker should not have to worry about getting Exchange servers connected or why a desktop computer is not synchronising with the local area network.

“It is incredibly difficult for an SME to manage all its IT requirements while still taking care of business. As Turrito Networks, we are taking away that pain and allowing our customers to focus on what is most important to them. We manage every aspect of their IT and can easily scale according to their unique requirements.”

This, Timperley believes, is perfect for the digital business landscape of today.

“People do not care about the “how” from a technology perspective. They want to click on an app and instantly work, or open a programme and have it automatically sync important information to their cloud platform.”

For Timperley, the ICT requirements for all businesses require the same fundamentals.

“Companies need to communicate, have storage, and backup their data. It is often just the quantity and efficiency requirements that differ. With our integrated Local and Wide Area Networks offering, Turrito Networks can address all those needs in a cost-effective and completely scalable manner,” he concludes.

This article originally appeared on Bizcommunity

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