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Turrito Networks champions the cause for SME connectivity

By 31st May 2016January 28th, 2021No Comments
turrito networks champions the cause for sme connectivity
Following a spate of recent customer wins, MICROmega Group company Turrito Networks is showing its commitment to the SME market in South Africa with connectivity solutions tailored to meet any budget.

“Service providers often make the mistake of thinking that SMEs share similar requirements as those of larger organisations. However, the small business environment requires a much more hands-on and focused approach as opposed to the high-level strategic way that larger enterprises like to work,” says Brian Timperley, managing director of Turrito Networks. He says that to develop an effective value proposition to the SME market, a company has to be willing and able to roll up its sleeves and assist the customer in a far more pragmatic and practical way.

“You cannot just take enterprise solutions and retrofit them to work for an SME. A large portion of our customer wins over the past few months are because of those very reasons – businesses that are unhappy about how they are treated and seen to be just one of many small fish in a big pond,” says Timperley.

One of the strengths of Turrito Networks is its ability to deal with multiple connectivity service providers throughout South Africa and into the rest of Africa on behalf of its customers and get a solution that works according to not only their requirements but budgets as well.

“If you are an SME and looking to find connectivity solutions, then it is very difficult to get the best possible price especially when you are in remote areas not serviced by ADSL and other traditional offerings. Large corporates can spend significant amounts of money on dedicated satellite connectivity for rural areas but it is not feasible from a single SME perspective.”

This is where Turrito Networks comes in.

“As an agnostic player in the market, we can tap into any available connectivity and deliver it to any location in Africa. A single provider is unable to deliver on this model and cannot roll out additional infrastructure for a single SME. We have the leverage needed to ensure that our SME customers can focus on their core business while we take care of any connectivity needs.”

He says that the ability of Turrito Networks to leverage off all the providers in the market, mean SMEs will get the right solution for their requirements.

“Our business is geared to providing a completely tailored offering. This sees our SME customers not having to settle for the second choice or even third choice solution,” concludes Timperley.

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