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This Is Why – And How – You Should Prepare For An Impending IT Disaster

By 7th December 2016June 20th, 2022No Comments
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Time and time again, even though the IT Disaster warning signs are all there, it seems we need to tell you guys that you need to be prepared for what’s coming.

An IT Disaster is like the apocalypse – but a little less on the mass destruction side, and a little more on the sobbing onto your keyboard side.

Just think about how annoying it is when the Internet gets slow for reasons beyond your control. Then imagine how more annoying it will be when something stuffs up, your computer goes belly up, and you realise you could have prevented the IT Disaster all along.


Sure, maybe no threat has made its disastrous way to you – yet – but it’s high time you realised the consequences of something like, say, your business’s email going down, a virus breakout or even a critical hardware failure could be significant, halting business for either an hour, day or even a week.

And increasing levels of these disruptions are making it even more crucial to be aware of them and be utterly prepped for the future.

And that’s why we got Dial a Nerd on our side with a Service Level Agreement:

By engaging with Dial a Nerd on a Service Level Agreement you are ensuring maximum uptime for your IT and your businesses productivity. Let them focus on your technology so you can focus on the things which matter to you.

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

You see, there are a few promises that Dial a Nerd make in that agreement which help you continue your day as per usual.

These are just a few from their site:

Guaranteed response times

Dial a Nerd is able to guarantee a three hour response time and more importantly, we’re contractually obligated to, so you have peace of mind.

Dedicated Account Manager and Resources

Not only will you be seeing your technician of choice in your office whenever you book him, and speaking to any number of our people on the helpdesk, you will also have access to trained and skilled resources in the form of account managers and staff that sit in our operations department to ensure that we are delivering on the promises made and keeping your business operating at its best.

Fully Managed IT

You have one point of contact for all aspects of IT, removing the ‘finger pointing’ between providers. In this agreement Dial a Nerd is your fully outsourced IT department.

Partially Managed IT

For those with existing in-house IT resources or third party providers, Dial a Nerd is able to add strengths where there may be weaknesses or lack of expertise.

Huge knowledge- and skills-base

We also have a broad skill set to rely on from desktop experts, network experts to server experts. With 75 staff, the majority of whom are technical, we have more Nerds than the cinema during the opening night of Star Wars.

It takes at least a year to get to know your IT partner!

It takes at least a year for two companies to get to know each other. Either of the MD’s of Dial a Nerd should meet the owners of your business at least twice a year, the Dial a Nerd account manager should regularly meet with the office manager, our billing department and Operations department will regularly be in touch with your administrative staff and our technicians will have daily or weekly contact with your staff.

All of this will build a trusted relationship, but it will take time.

See, that right there is why you need to have your ducks in a row before hitting an IT Disaster. Then all you have to do is pick up the phone, sit back and let it be someone else’s problem.

This article originally appeared on 2OceansVibe

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