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Why get a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Dial a Nerd?

By 24th October 2016October 27th, 2021No Comments

With technology integrated into all aspects of business, the consequences of email going down, a virus outbreak, or a critical hardware failure could be significant. By engaging with Dial a Nerd on a Service Level Agreement you are ensuring maximum uptime for your IT and your businesses productivity.  Let us focus on your technology so you can focus on the things which matter to you.

Guaranteed response times

Dial a Nerd is able to guarantee a three hour response time and more importantly, we’re contractually obligated to, so you have peace of mind. In fact, currently, we answer your call immediately and have “eyes on” within 15minutes remotely so we’re outperforming this dramatically! When you have a critical problem we drop everything to help get you running again.  We know that in today’s world every minute counts.

Dedicated Account Manager and Resources

Not only will you be seeing your technician of choice in your office whenever you book them and speaking to any number of our people on the helpdesk, but you will also have access to trained and skilled resources in the form of account managers and staff that sit in our operations department to ensure that we are delivering on the promises made and keeping your business operating at its best. For specific projects, infrastructure upgrades, cloud deployments and anything that falls outside of the normal scope of support you can call on the sales team to build these solutions for you, explain them fully, walk you through the pricing and implementation & ensure it is carried out by the rest of the team. Everything from a new PC to a major server issue will be addressed with urgency and proficiency.

Fully Managed IT with a Service Level Agreement

‘Dial a Nerd Fully Managed IT’ means we take on all aspects of your IT, if you let us…  From the Internet, hosted email or 3rd party cloud services right through the routers and switches to the desktops and their accessories that you interact with daily.  This means you have one point of contact for all aspects of IT, removing the ‘finger pointing’ between providers.  In this agreement Dial a Nerd is your fully outsourced IT department.

We’ll cater our contract to suit your requirements be it regular visits, constant remote support or monitoring and even a fully outsourced technician that will stay in your office, if you have the requirement, we’ll help build the solution.

Partially Managed IT

For those with existing in-house IT resources or third-party providers, Dial a Nerd is able to add strengths where there may be weaknesses or lack of expertise.  This can be very effective as the other parties can focus more on what they’re good at and let Dial a Nerd cover the rest.

Service Level Agreement Contractual obligation = better resource management

Because you have committed to signing a contract, we can commit to hiring staff. It’s actually simple resource management and this allows us to concentrate our best people, best practise and best management to the clients that have shown their trust in us by signing a commitment to a year’s partnership with us.

Without contracts, it’s difficult for us to know what tomorrow, next week or next month will bring and while we manage as best we can to support clients in an ad-hoc manner it is impossible to address their requirements as fast as we’d like as we simply cannot commit the resources. A service level agreement contract is a sign of trust & reliance between two parties but obviously, it’s also a document that allows a client to enforce service delivery in a protected and mutually agreeable manner, so trust us for one year, and see what we can deliver.

Unlimited Support Options with a Service Level Agreement

All UTR (Unlimited Telephonic and Remote) customers can utilize our helpdesk as much as they want for a fixed monthly fee.  This means it is in all of our best interests for your IT to work smoothly all the time.  We can do this by performing ongoing preventative maintenance activities which are guaranteed to reduce the number of incidents you encounter.  Our Network Operation team is also actively monitoring your systems for potential problems before they become real problems.

What is key to the success of this model (currently running in over 20 businesses) is that our monitoring software on the PC enables the technician you are calling to identify faults that you needn’t describe to him, cutting diagnostic processes down dramatically and saving your staff time and keeping the business operational.

Proven track record (don’t rely on the one-man-band)

We have been around since the turn of the century (seriously… even through Y2k), which gives us a good understanding of needs and solutions, and the various options available out there. We’ve been through no less than 8 different Windows operating systems, countless brands & manufacturers and numerous distribution and supply channels and understand this industry better than most other companies out there.

Huge knowledge- and skills-base

We also have a broad skill set to rely on from desktop experts, network experts to server experts. With 75 staff, the majority of whom are technical, we have more Nerds than the cinema during the opening night of Star Wars. Colin and Aaron are still in charge and the entire management team has been with the company for more than 9 years.

More resources and country-wide coverage

With Branches in Jhb and CPT, our reach is truly national. We also service outlying areas remotely or through our dedicated partner companies.

It takes at least a year to get to know your IT partner!

Your business is profitable doing what it does best… whatever that is. You need your systems to function to enable you to run your business, but you don’t necessarily want to take time to understand exactly what the technical specifics are behind all the jargon, acronyms and solutions behind them. Therefore, you must TRUST that the company you pay to understand and DELIVER these things are doing so with your best interests at heart.

It takes at least a year for two companies to get to know each other. Either of the MD’s of Dial a Nerd should meet the owners of your business at least twice a year, the Dial a Nerd account manager should regularly meet with the office manager, our billing department and Operations department will regularly be in touch with your administrative staff and our technicians will have daily or weekly contact with your staff… all of this will build a trusted relationship, but it will take time.

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