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If you are looking for security products that offer maximum non-invasive protection of your system and technology that does not compromise the performance of your PC, then the ESET Anti-Virus and Smart Security product offers precisely what you need.


As online threats constantly evolve, ESET researchers continually come up with the most effective tools to fight the increasing volume, diversity, and sophistication of malware. ESET and Dial a Nerd provide security features that will monitor the general operations of the system, prevent malicious attacks and ensure that vulnerable applications are protected.

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Ideal for 1 – 4 users

Every day cyber criminals create thousands of new malware variants, making it difficult for an antivirus solution to strike the right balance between detecting these emerging threats and flagging legitimate programs ESET offers: Proactive Protection – Get real-time protection from known threats and proactive protection against unknown threats with Industry-leading technology. Peak Performance – Enjoy fast scanning and a low system footprint, so you will not compromise performance for protection.

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Ideal for 5 users or more

ESET for business offers internet and computer security solutions that are specifically designed to meet with the individual needs of your business. ESET’s powerful suite of business security software is tailored to a variety of different requirements. Need assistance determining which ESET bundled business solution is right for your organization? Turn to the Dial a Nerd team to assess your environment, recommend the right-sized solution and implement a complete changeover from your former security software.

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