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Delight customers and inspire employees with Microsoft cloud solutions

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microsoft cloud solutions

Build loyal and profitable customer relationships through meaningful interactions across online and in-store shopping experiences with Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Transform your retail experience with modern technology that drives personal, connected engagement and greater business efficiencies.  Run a retail business that is innovative, agile and secure using Microsoft’s complete cloud and analytics platform.

Deliver connected, personalized shopping experiences with Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Put the customer first and build profitable, loyal relationships with technology that provides insights about your customers across online and in-store touch points. Consumers are asking for greater personalization and added conveniences like picking up online purchases in stores. Retailers need to keep up with buying trends in order to target and attract new customers and keep existing customer base happy.

With Microsoft you can benefit:

Win new customers and build loyalty with existing ones. Engage with buyers at the right time, in the right place, with the right offers. Gathering data from various points of customer contact enables you to get real-time insights about the customer, and make more relevant, timely, personalized and contextual offers.

Deliver meaningful shopping engagements across all touchpoints with Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Use the shopper’s mobile device to communicate information on products in-store. You can push relevant offers based on their interests and location while they shop. Gather valuable information about what customers are looking at and for how long.

Help ensure customer data is private and safe. Prevent breaches and data loss with built-in security across devices and cloud services.

Key Microsoft products to consider:

  • Good: Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365
  • Better: +Power BI
  • Best: +Windows 10 Pro devices

Activate your employees

Empower employees to provide excellent customer service with technology that supports greater mobility, collaborative knowledge sharing, and more targeted customer communication. Employees’ limited access to customer information and analytics means they have only a limited ability to drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Without easy access to technology systems, customer-facing staff, management, and marketing roles are not fully informed and empowered to optimize customer experiences.

Arm sales associates with the right data to deliver a personalized in-store experience. Give your sales associates mobile tools and empower them with a unified view of each customer’s transaction history and preferences across channels. They can deliver personalized experiences, including customized upsell and cross-sell suggestions.

Equip your team to improve the customer experience and work more effectively. Provide your employees with tools for productivity, collaboration, and business intelligence. Enable sales associates to connect, collaborate, and share data insights from anywhere. They will be better equipped to drive sales, collaborate across teams, and improve the customer experience.

Protect store and employee data and devices against modern security threats. The Microsoft platform offers enterprise-grade security (from PC to mobile and cloud) and manageability to protect your assets from breaches and theft.

Key Microsoft products to consider:

  • Good: Office 365, Windows 10 Pro devices
  • Better: +Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Best: +Dynamics CRM Online

Improve your operations with Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Drive greater business efficiency and reduce expenses with solutions that streamline business operations and IT infrastructure management. Retailers need to simplify business processes for greater efficiency. Retailers need to update legacy systems without sacrificing existing IT investments.

Optimize operations. Simplify and automate key business operations such as inventory and reporting. Ensure all the right business teams are connected and can effectively communicate and collaborate.

Support the complete shopping experience. Tailor your use of technology to fit and optimize the way your organization works. An end-to-end solution could address everything from point of sale (POS), store operations, merchandising, e-commerce, marketing, and customer care to supply chain, financials, HR and more.

Reduce the cost and complexity of IT management. Take advantage of cloud technology to hold onto the value of your existing IT investment without needing to make further capital investments. Simplify your infrastructure by moving wholly or partially to the cloud.

Key Microsoft products to consider:

  • Good: Office 365, Windows Server
  • Better: +Azure
  • Best: +Dynamics NAV

Be a proactive, data-driven business

Harness the power of customer data to gain actionable business insights and adeptly navigate changing business conditions. Retailers collect a lot of data but have little to no way of making sense of it/making it useful. With the constant struggle to keep margins low, it’s difficult for retailers to have the capital to compete with innovation. Customers and retailers read daily about data breaches. Retailers need to keep customer and business data safe and private.

Harness the power of customer data. Use visibility into your customers’ behavior to shift from reactive to proactive. Better manage product allocation across channels with data-driven understanding of what will sell, when, where and to whom. Improve operations by acting on your insights and evolving business practices to keep pace with rapid change. (Power BI, O365, CRMOL, Dynamics NAV)

Turn your data into a business asset. Transform data into real-time, actionable insights that can be accessed on any device by various types of employees. Run your business on a database that can analyze, protect and store all of your data, as the volume grows. (Azure, Power BI, SQL Server 2016)

Adapt quickly to changing business needs. Easily scale business applications and infrastructure up or down for seasonal highs and lows. Quickly enable employees with apps and services.

Key Microsoft products to consider:

  • Good: Azure, Office 365
  • Better: +SQL Server 2016, Power BI
  • Best: +Dynamics NAV


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