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10 Star Wars Gadgets Left in the Dust by Earthly Advancements

By 11th December 2023No Comments

In the vast expanse of Star Wars’ far, far away galaxy, replete with colossal starships and planet-destroying war machines, some of the celebrated technologies of the franchise fall short when compared to our current reality. 

  1. C-3PO: A Human-Sized App

Even in a galaxy where starships dwarf cities and handheld weapons wield blades of light, the protocol droid C-3PO, fluent in six million forms of communication, is outshone by our smartphones. Google Translate effortlessly handles communication barriers, rendering C-3PO’s humanoid form obsolete in comparison to our compact and efficient apps. 

  1. Stormtrooper Blasters: Missing the Mark

Despite the Galactic Empire’s reliance on the BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle with telescopic sights, it falters in accuracy when compared to our Earthly firearms. Thanks to centuries of innovation, our rifled barrels enhance bullet precision, outclassing the Stormtroopers’ allegedly elite shock troop weaponry. 

  1. Body Armor as a Fashion Statement

While Earth’s soldiers benefit from Kevlar vests and Level 4 body armor capable of stopping high-velocity rifle rounds, Stormtroopers adorn themselves with more decorative than defensive armor. In the real world, practical protection prevails over superficial aesthetics, exemplified by the Mandalorian’s beskar armor versus the Stormtroopers’ plastic adornments. 

  1. Communication Breakdown

In the Star Wars universe, holograms dominate communication, but their quality pales in comparison to our advanced hologram technology capable of producing lifelike, touchable images. Earthly communication tools, from FaceTime to Zoom, far exceed the limited holographic methods depicted in a galaxy far, far away. 

  1. Low Galactic Entertainment Value

Star Wars technology, designed predominantly for warfare, lacks the entertainment tech richness found on Earth. Our streaming services and CGI capabilities deliver endless hours of entertainment, a stark contrast to the limited leisure options in a galaxy marred by wars and rebellions. 

  1. The Reality of Virtual Reality

The Marksman-H combat remote in Star Wars, designed for lightsaber training, falls short of our Earthly virtual reality capabilities. A VR headset like Oculus Rift would provide a safer and more immersive training experience, especially when training younglings. 

  1. Bad AI Makes Bad Droids

While Star Wars boasts impressive droids, many are clunky and limited in mobility. Earthly robots, with capabilities ranging from dancing to performing surgery, showcase our superiority in artificial intelligence. The B1-series battle droids, slow and awkward, highlight the technological gap between Star Wars and our current AI capabilities. 

  1. The Millennium Falcon Would Benefit From 3-D Printing

The constant need for repairs of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars could be mitigated with 3-D printing technology. A galaxy equipped with our technology could swiftly produce necessary parts, ensuring quicker departures and fewer dramatic encounters. 

  1. AT-ATs Ain’t All That

Menacing as they may appear, the AT-ATs in Star Wars are slow and vulnerable from various angles. In contrast, our all-terrain assault vehicles, like the M1A2 Abrams, boast superior capabilities, including speed, rotation, and advanced weaponry. 

  1. Objects In Mirror Appear More Lethal Than They Are

Star Wars weapons often use plasma, akin to lasers, yet the galaxy seems oblivious to the effectiveness of mirrors against such weapons. Earthly knowledge of mirrors deflecting lasers has been around for millennia, revealing a strategic oversight in the Star Wars universe’s defensive tactics. 

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